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How does SKK support labelling processes?

We create comprehensive solutions based on learning the specific business model and on careful listening to the customer’s needs. Frequently, those are very specialised systems because of the non-standard and difficult nature of labelling process. The systems implemented by us contain production registration modules as well as self-regulation and self-control mechanisms. When designing them, we use the cutting-edge solutions, i.e. robots, cobots and manipulators. Every implementation includes integration with a given manufacturing line and the master system of the enterprise.

Main system components

Label applicators

Automatic devices which label products, but also print labels, including the ones with dynamic data.


Automatic machines for marking products with labels, with various labelling methods and parameters (up to 200 m/min).

Communication interfaces

Our own developed communication interfaces for ERP, MES, WMS class systems using the Python and C# programming languages.


Our own solutions regarding management of label life cycle, including their design and printing, based on NiceLabel tools.


By automating the process of labelling products the enterprises only gain. Implementing the systems we offer, the factories increase the efficiency of the process and its quality, which brings further improvements and benefits at subsequent stages of the supply chain.

High labelling speed
High precision and repeatability
Significant downtime reduction
Increase of manufacturing efficiency
Complete control over the process
Possibility of variable data printing
Increased labelling quality
Efficient identification of labelled goods
Easy system operation
Minimised errors
Reduced costs
Possibility to expand the system


HERMA InNo-Liner

The HERMA InNo-Liner labelling system eliminates an essential so far label liner competely and does it in a truly reformative way. The system implies a number of economic, environmental and use benefits.

Our non-standard implementations

Label application on railway rails

A system for labelling products of immense weight and length in difficult manufacturing conditions, using labels with suitable properties.

Labellng electronic subassemblies

The use of extremely small labels for marking equally small elements, requiring the selection of a system that ensures exceptional labeling fineness.

Labelling in an aggressive environment

Increasing the health safety of employees by using an automated solution for labelling bags holding caustic soda.

Using labels as handles

A special design of labels stuck on rolls of rock and glass wool weighing up to 50 kg, which enable to carry products, apart from the informational and marketing function.

Case studies

Effective labelling at Akzo Nobel Decorative Paints Sp. z o.o.

The company needed a labelling system to stick two labels simultaneously on a base label. The second,, parallel requirement was the verification of the correct label applying.
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RFID modernises production at Hilding Anders Polska Sp. z o.o.

The first of them is a modern manufacturing technology using the automatic identification system based on barcodes and on radio tags, operating in the UHF band. The combination of those two technologies in a single solution of manufacturing process control is a pioneering idea for the industrial plants of that type.
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Efficient and precise labelling in Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory

The new products labelling system is built on the basis of a modern machine, Herma 362E. It was designed to be applied even in very difficult, demanding conditions while remaining an elegant and compact. It is characterized by a highly stable and durable base made of stainless steel, the same as the elements responsible for adjustment and stabilizing the products. It predisposes the labelling machine to difficult tasks and work with high speed.
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Dawid Majchrzak

Technical Department Manager, Hilding Anders Polska Sp. z o.o.
The devices and consumables provided by SKK, and especially their installation and implementation services, should be assessed very highly. The implemented technologies are known to SKK engineers perfectly.

Artur Kaczmarek

Production Manager of Swisspor Plant in Międzyrzecz
SKK specialists quickly and efficiency carried out an instalation of applicators and trainings for employees with handling the equipment. SKK also provided the necessary consumables and warranty and post-warranty service.

Stages of activities

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Analysis of needs and requirements

We specify any required information, and if a subject matter requires, we carry out an on-site verification at your company.

Selection of solutions and the offer

We adapt a solution meeting all guidelines and requirements, and present a detailed price and project offer.

Implementation and the after-sale service

We execute implementation of the accepted solution in accordance with the signed contract and provide support after it is completed.

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