SKK for production area

Based on the competences and innovative tools, we implement solutions resulting in increased productivity and, consequently, profitability of companies. We support our customers relating to the continuous improvement of their business in the whole range of sectors.

Adaptation of solutions

We prepare our projects based on the specificity of production plant and adapting to its specific needs or legal requirements.

Latest technologies

As befits the era of Industry 4.0, the solutions we implement are characterized by many innovative functions and amenities.

Integration with systems

Our huge asset is the efficient integration of the implemented solution with a master system of the company, i.e. ERP, MES, SCADA.

Our own solutions

Besides an integration of our partners’ systems, we create our own solutions, e.g. in the field of traceability, labelling or registration of raw materials, palletisation.

Professional engineering teams

Our specialists have strong competences relating to automation and robotics, software, mechanical and electrical designing.

Smart factory

We strongly support the process of constructing smart manufacturing plants by a skilful combination of equipment resources with IT systems and human competences. Within transiton to a new production dimension, we implement solutions that meet many fundamental functions.

Full visibility of the process course in real time
Control and tracing the quality of manufacturing process
Supervision of technical parameters of devices
Identification of areas that need streamlining
Self-adjustment of production process and utilities consumption
Data archiving on local servers or in the cloud

Case studies

Mobile printing system at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland Sp. z o.o.

The mobile label printing station proposed by SKK comprised an autonomous thermal transfer label printer, 2D code reader, portable power supply in the form of a suitable powerbank, special software developed for the customer’s needs and specialised adhesive labels.
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Flexible product labelling at Sonac Uśnice Sp. z o.o.

The barcode on the label encodes such data as the product code, weight, and the manufacturing date. What is more, the label contains descriptions in different languages, which primarily include product information as required by the applicable law.
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Sprawne zarządzanie produkcją i magazynem w P.P.H.U. POLIPACK S.J.

Nowy system obsługuje przyjęcia, wydania, inwentaryzację, zarządza przestrzenią magazynową oraz rejestruje zużycie surowców w poszczególnych partiach półproduktu i wyrobu gotowego. Wszystkie te operacje realizowane są pod kątem genealogii produktu (moduł traceability), dzięki w dowolnej chwili można prześledzić pełen proces produkcyjny – od momentu przyjęcia surowca do chwili wysyłki finalnego wyrobu do klienta.
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Jacek Malec

Manager of Production Investment Projects, Adamed Pharma S.A.
Having experience in cooperation with SKK S.A., we expected a professional and open approach to the assumed task. We were not disappointed. The implemented system facilitates the printout process significantly, it is reliable and accurate.

Artur Kaczmarek

Production Manager of Swisspor Plant in Międzyrzecz
SKK specialists quickly and efficiency carried out an instalation of applicators and trainings for employees with handling the equipment. SKK also provided the necessary consumables and warranty and post-warranty service.

Stages of activities

Tell us about your cause

Call or write to us, presenting your needs or the challenges facing your company.

Analysis of needs and requirements

We specify any required information, and if a subject matter requires, we carry out an on-site verification at your company.

Selection of solutions and the offer

We adapt a solution meeting all guidelines and requirements, and present a detailed price and project offer.

Implementation and the after-sale service

We execute implementation of the accepted solution in accordance with the signed contract and provide support after it is completed.

How can we help you?

ul. Gromadzka 54a, 30-719 Cracow, Poland
+48 12 293 27 00

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