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Ensuring network security is a constant challenge and an extremely important task of every organization. The applied security solutions should not affect the quality of the network, so its efficiency and performance, which translates into the effectiveness of the conducted activity. The choice of the appropriate solution is a multiway process which is started from analysing the existing status of the customer’s network by SKK S.A. specialists. This is the basis on which they specify the elements that require evident improvement within network security or their complete implementation. Next, they develop the solution design, configure security policies, install the system, verify its operation and, once the implementation is completed, they provide service support. It is worth adding that our proficiency relating to the implementation of networks within which many devices for automatic identification operate and exellent knowledge of those devices aids skilful formation of security policies also for them. The cooperation with leading global suppliers, i.e. Cisco, Aruba, Baracuda and Sonicwall, also contributes to implementations carried out professionally and completed successfully.

Solution types offered

Network Access Control (NAC)

Network Access Control (NAC) is a mandatory component of enterprises security system. NAC system is responsible for controlling end points before allowing them to access the company network. As a result of its operation, a given device may get access to the network or solely to selected resources or be blocked altogether. Access control is based on the 802.1X standard and the AAA structure, that is authentication, authorization and accounting. Authentication consists in verifying user identity using e.g. a login and password. Authorization determines scope of access to resources and scope of permitted activities. Accounting stands for registration of activities or attempt of user activities of in specific protection areas.

Multidimensional access control
Service of 802.1X standard
Use of the AAA structure
High automation in management


It is a tool securing computers, servers, and operating systems against hacking. It protects a reliable and controlled internal network against external access – public networks, the Internet, which are not trustworthy. It protects from unauthorised data leakage from the local network outside as well. The objectives are achieved by the firewall by filtering incoming and outgoing connections and, consequently, denying access requests considered dangerous. A firewall can be established by means of computer hardware, software, or thesetwo methods together.
In case of extended corporate network infrastructure, a hybrid model is usually used due to the security of numerous confidential data.

Hardware or software or hybrid model
Blockage of sensitive data leakage
Barrier against risky connections
Advanced threat counteracting


Protection against dangerous software
Cushion against unauthorized access
Preventing integrated cyberintrusions
Efficient management of devices in the network
Monitoring all devices connected to the network
Reliable protection of wireless networks
Quick response to potential attacks
Security of company IT resources

Case studies

High-quality communication at Ceramika Paradyż sp. z o.o.

The implemented 802.11 ac wireless network standard provides very high transmission speeds, and its latest functionalities result in efficient and failure-free device operation. On the other hand, the spectrum analyser built into the access points causes their automatic response to changing environmental conditions. The modern network implemented in three plants ensures greater security and its better quality generally.
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Radio communication in warehouses of PSB Group S.A.

According to the assumption, the radio network covered the reach of all warehouse buildings, including the building of high-storage warehouse and the outer area between the buildings, i.e. vehicular roads and external storage yard.
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Reliable wireless network at Farm Frites Poland SA

There were applied dedicated access points in the cold stores, i.e. designed for operation in very demanding conditions, concerning, among others parameters such as temperature, humidity, tightness and durability. In turn, the access points operating in remaining part of the warehouse and in production part, were equipped with special casings.
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Rafał Pucuła

IT Project Leader, Espersen Polska Sp. z o.o.
Experts from the SKK were not only heavily involved in project carrying out at each of its stages, but were also able to meet uncommon challenges related to the network implementation.

Krzysztof Goliński

Chief IT Specialist, Ustronianka Sp. z o.o.
SKK is a good partner to cooperate with. The works were completed at due time and professionally. The company was fully prepared for a comprehensive execution of works with regard to radio networks.

Stages of activities

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Selection of solutions and the offer

We adapt a solution meeting all guidelines and requirements, and present a detailed price and project offer.

Implementation and the after-sale service

We execute implementation of the accepted solution in accordance with the signed contract and provide support after it is completed.

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