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SKK Networks is a team of experts with regard to network solutions. Our customers can rely on the highest quality of services provided by us. It is thanks to the long and extensive experience and constantly improved qualifications going hand in hand with developing technologies and supported by relevant certificates. For many clients we are a trustworthy partner with whom it is worth staying for a long time.

Assets of the networks we implement

Artboard 94
Centralised network management
Consistent configuration in all locations
Automatic parameter management
Easy system operation
High communication security
High network performance and stability
Easily scalable system
Latest generation equipment


Implementations of our networks include various, even the most difficult industrial environments. The projects we execute are perfect for such conditions as: very low
or high temperature, high humidity, high level of dustiness, etc. We implement network solutions both inside and outside buildings.

Storage facilities
Production halls
Cold stores, freezer rooms
Airports, seaports
Outdoor storage areas
Medical facilities
Hotels, cafes
Schools, offices

Case studies

Implementation and unification of LAN and WLAN at Espersen

Noteworthy is the fact that some of the access points work in freezers and coolers, that is in temperatures adequately: up to -30 degrees C and -10 degrees C. For this function the SKK provided a dedicated devices. In turn, in other production areas the installation works required to take into account other factors.
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Reliable network system at Auto-Gum Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Tires are a material that strongly suppresses radio waves and this is a challenge when planning a network. To ensure its proper operation, both full and partial filling up the warehouse with goods should be taken into account. Being governed by an experience, simulations carried out and measurements of wave propagation, the specialists from SKK selected the appropriate types and quantities of network devices and placed them properly within the framework of project.
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Model network at Greek Trade Sp. z o.o.

The modern, high-quality Cisco equipment (the switch and access points) operating in the wireless standard 802.11ac has very high efficiency and energy saving properties and is also dedicated to implementation in demanding conditions. It ensures high-level communication which enables correct and smooth operation of mobile devices.
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Rafał Drab

IT Manager, Auto-Gum Sp. z. o.o. Sp. k.
SKK completed all project and installation works very reliably. What’s more, it responded to our needs openly and didn’t stick to the implementation framework only. We are happy that we chose a partner who is close to the matters of its clients.

Rafał Pucuła

IT Project Leader, Espersen Polska Sp. z o.o.
Experts from the SKK were not only heavily involved in project carrying out at each of its stages, but were also able to meet uncommon challenges related to the network implementation.

Stages of activities

Tell us about your cause

Call or write to us, presenting your needs or the challenges facing your company.

Analysis of needs and requirements

We specify any required information, and if a subject matter requires, we carry out an on-site verification at your company.

Selection of solutions and the offer

We adapt a solution meeting all guidelines and requirements, and present a detailed price and project offer.

Implementation and the after-sale service

We execute implementation of the accepted solution in accordance with the signed contract and provide support after it is completed.

How can we help you?

ul. Gromadzka 54a, 30-719 Cracow, Poland
+48 12 293 27 00

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