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About the voice technology

The voice technology is a driving force when transferring the operations of warehouses and distribution centres to ensure operational reliability. Strengthening the personnel by relieving the load for their hands and eyes when doing tasks increases efficiency and safety of work and business value of an enterprise.
Using the voice technology ensures easy two-way flow of information between the IT system and its user. This takes place via a voice terminal with a headset and a microphone which the employee is equipped with and who communicates with the system by means of voice and hearing.
Using the voice technology may complement other, more popular solutions, i.e. the ones using bar codes or RFID, or may replace them.
Goods picking is a process strongly reasoned to the use the voice technology within it. Concurrently this means that voice control systems are primaly used just during a picking. Nonetheless, the advantages of their implementation can be indicated in other warehouse processes as well.

How does the voice control system operate?

The voice system instructs the employee step by step what activity he have to do.

The employee confirms every step by means of a few keywords.

Thanks to the voice communication, the employee has his hands and eyes free while performing tasks.

Voice commands are turned into text and sent back to the main system in real time.

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Our services

As a long-term partner of Honeywell, we provide comprehensive services regarding voice solutions used in the process of picking goods or other warehouse operations.

For whom?

Distribution centres
Manufacturing plants
Cold stores, freezer rooms
Sorting plants

Benefits of using voice picking

Productivity increase
Reduction of
mistakes number
Increased work
Up to 50%
duration reduced

Case studies

Efficient picking at Eurocash S.A.

Without slowing down an entrepreneurial development for a moment, Eurocash decided to increase the efficiency in one of its most key logistics processes, which is the picking of goods. This goal was to be achieved with a new system using voice technology.
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Voice system in Frigo Logistics Sp. z o.o. warehouses

SKK delivered 60 sets of voice terminals and its own software, the task of which is to process data from warehouse management software (WMS) into individual subsequent activities to be performed. The software is also responsible for the way of communication between the operator and the voice system.
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Voice-controlled picking at Media Expert

Thanks to the new solution, the picking process in the distribution centre in Lodz was optimised. Removing the burden from the personnel hands and eyes thanks to the voice communication with WMS increases work efficiency, as well as its ergonomics and safety. The voice system ensures reliable operations and contributes to increased profitability of the enterprise.
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Jacek Kujawa

IT Department Manager, Frigo Logistics Sp. z o.o.
From an employee’s point of view, work is more enjoyable now while increasing its productivity and quality. We register fewer mistakes, and the efficiency increased by 20-30% depending on the type of assortment.

Jarosław Kołodziejski

Operations Manager, Frigo Logistics Sp. z o.o.
Besides improved picking effectiveness, target liquidation of the quality control process consisting in verifying the prepared shipments, improved work ergonomics, the personnel do their tasks safer primarily.

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