SKK S.A. for logistics

We provide solutions that improve a range of processes within internal and external logistics. Thus, those are operations taking place within a given enterprise – in warehouses or production halls, and the ones between the enterprise and partners or end users. Thanks to modern tools, we care for a smooth course of such processes as: receiving, issuing, picking, stock taking, stock replenishment, loading, shipment of goods. Moreover, we support controlling deliveries and monitoring the conditions of product storage and transport. Our efforts and commitment during the execution of implementations are aimed at fully meeting the individual needs and expectations of our customers.

Extensive experience

Both a long-term experience and execution of complex or non-standard projects are conducive to successful accomplishment of subsequent implementations.

The best branded devices

As a one of the most important partners of renowned manufacturers of automatic identification equipment, we ensure its highest quality

Solutions of high quality

Solutions skillfully selected and implemented by us provide advantageous and long-lasting effects according to predefined objectives.

Long-term support and cooperation

We also provide support long after the implementation is completed, and building long-term relationships with customers is of great value to us.

Do you need to choose the equipment?

We’ll be glad to help you with a choice the equipment and / or give you detailed information about specific devices.

Benefits for your business

Reduced operating expenses
Minimised errors and losses
Improved use of resources
Optimal work organisation
Efficient flow of goods
Greater control over processes
Increased work efficiency
Increase of customer service quality
Enhancing the image of company
Boost of competitiveness

Case studies

Voice system in Frigo Logistics Sp. z o.o. warehouses

SKK delivered 60 sets of voice terminals and its own software, the task of which is to process data from warehouse management software (WMS) into individual subsequent activities to be performed. The software is also responsible for the way of communication between the operator and the voice system.
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Efficient terminal management at Thule

SKK supplied several dozens terminals which, cooperating with WMS, improve operations in all European warehouses in the entire supply chain, enable to preview of stock levels online, transfers between warehouses, receivings or issuings from the warehouse.
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Automation of cylinders deliveries process at Gaspol S.A.

The system of gas cylinders deliveries at Gaspol is fully automated now. Orders from customers are entered into the program Axapta; converted into commissions and then automatically distributed among the drivers (salesmen) and sent to their mobile terminals. SKK mobile system allows receiving orders and full registration of sale at the level of terminals. Each mobile terminal is equipped with a barcode reader and module of mobile network.
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Tomasz Mikuła

IT Manager, Gordon Sp. z o.o.
The new system eliminated errors, improving the quality of transport handling, and accelerating its carrying out. Our costs were reduced, and the customers are more satisfied.

Krzysztof Chrulski

Supply Chain Manager, PZ HTL S.A.
The implemented system results in facilitation of our work, acceleration of all processes and, consequently, support of more orders, and ultimately increase of company financial benefits.

Stages of activities

Tell us about your cause

Call or write to us, presenting your needs or the challenges facing your company.

Analysis of needs and requirements

We specify any required information, and if a subject matter requires, we carry out an on-site verification at your company.

Selection of solutions and the offer

We adapt a solution meeting all guidelines and requirements, and present a detailed price and project offer.

Implementation and the after-sale service

We execute implementation of the accepted solution in accordance with the signed contract and provide support after it is completed.

How can we help you?

ul. Gromadzka 54a, 30-719 Cracow, Poland
+48 12 293 27 00

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