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The specificity of printing with wax-resin ribbons

From among all types of thermal transfer ribbons, the wax resin ones have the highest versatility as they meet a wide range of needs relating to label printing in logistics, production, or distribution. They are perfect for use in environments with medium or high risk of abrasion or contact with chemicals. High density of the wax-resin ink ensures very high blackness level and its sensitivity to heat guarantees perfect sharpness and accuracy of printing which result in excellent legibility of barcodes. Printing speed is high and similar to the one for most wax ribbons (up to 300 mm/s) or up to 800 mm/s, and it can achieve as much as 1 m/s on packaging lines. Using wax and resin ribbons ensures good durability of print which is resistant to abrasion, smudging, and scratching at temperatures not exceeding 100°C usually, but sometimes reaching 150°C. The wax-resin ribbons are designed for thermal transfer printers regardless of the print head technology. Our products comprise ribbons for flat head and edge head printers as well as different ribbon classes depending on the amount of contained resin, so depending on the application.

Advantages of wax-resin ribbons

Versatility of applications
Very good print quality and its legibility
Good print durability
High printing speed – even up to 1 m/s
Very high blackness level
Excellent compatibility with various materials

Examples of wax-resin ribbon use

Shipping and 

address labels 

Frozen product 


Pallet labels

Tyre labels 

Bottle labels 

Fresh food labelling 

Distribution labels 

Medication labels 

Laboratory labels 

Labels for bagged 


Clothes tags 

Plant labelling 

Outdoor cable 


Retail labels for 




Selected certificates


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