ThB 170 tag is comprise of white, wood-free cardboard with heat sensitive coating and the basic weight of 170 g/m². The material is made from wood pulp certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). It is designed for thermal printing systems. It displays good resistance to pollutants. It is suitable for any application requiring high-quality 4-colour print on the back and for short-term applications. Exposure to temperatures above 50°C may result in precocious discolouration. The typical applications include, e.g. entrance tickets for different types of events, transport tickets, clothes tags, and Kanban cards.

Basic weight 170 g/m²

FSC certificate

Resistance to impurities

Short-term applications

Do you have any specific expectations?

It will be helpful to define all the know information relevant to the required labels.

What’s next?

Tell us about your needs

Call us or write to us and tell what requirements must be met by the labels, in what conditions they are going to be used.

Analysis of the target use

We explore the topic presented – if necessary, we go to the place where the labels will be used.

Selection of materials and tests on samples

We match the labels (or several types of them) to the ascertained requirements and send their samples to carry out tests and select the best ones.

Offer for a selected solution

We present a price offer for selected labels and optionally contract proposal regarding material deliveries.

Let’s talk about your project

Irrespective of what labels you need, we will select the best ones, meeting even high requirements.

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