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The specificity of labelling in the FMCG industry

It is characteristic witin fast moving goods that there is a lot of information on the labels used to mark them. We address this type of needs, ensuring high quality of flexographic printing, even with a small font, to include all the necessary information on the required size of labels. Optionally, we propose the use of multi-layer “peel-off” labels which solve the above issue excellently. What is more, we create wonderful and aesthetic labels with a marketing function – multi-colored, with holographic foils and various refinements using the “cold-stamping” method, scratch labels, transparent “no label look” receiving recognition especially when labelling cosmetics, beverages, including alcoholic ones. In the FMCG sector, labels with special purposes will be also very useful, seeing as how water-soluble, with double-sided adhesive, opaque and many other.

Do you have any specific expectations?

It will be helpful to define all the know information relevant to the required labels.

What’s next?

Tell us about your needs

Call us or write to us and tell what requirements must be met by the labels, in what conditions they are going to be used.

Analysis of the target use

We explore the topic presented – if necessary, we go to the place where the labels will be used.

Selection of materials and tests on samples

We match the labels (or several types of them) to the ascertained requirements and send their samples to carry out tests and select the best ones.

Offer for a selected solution

We present a price offer for selected labels and optionally contract proposal regarding material deliveries.

Let’s talk about your project

Irrespective of what labels you need, we will select the best ones, meeting even high requirements.

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