Cold Water Label dissolves in cold water. It is composed entirely of a water-soluble acrylic adhesive and special, dispersible label paper. Its solubility is accelerated by alkaline water and higher temperature of water. The label has very good binding properties, adhering to metal, aluminium, stainless steel, glass, etc., as well as to plastic surfaces, including PE, PP, PVC, and polystyrene. The moisture on the substrate surface is absorbed by the adhesive without compromising the label adhesion. The label resistance to temperatures ranges from -40 to +100°C, up to +200°C short term. CWL is great for temporary labelling of all sort transport reusable crates, high-quality household appliances, glass products, including laboratory instruments which need to be washed after use, etc. It meets the requirements of FDA relating to indirect contact with food.

Excellent water solubility

No adhesive residue when solved

Possibility to indirect contact with food

Very good binding with different substrates

Do you have any specific expectations?

It will be helpful to define all the know information relevant to the required labels.

Don’t forget the ribbon

Wax ribbons

The specificity of printing with wax ribbons

A wax ribbon is coated with ink (dye) made primarily from wax-based ingredients. It is an economical and the most popular solution for printers with flat heads. It ensures high printing speed (up to 300 mm/s depending on the combination of the label and the ribbon), very good quality of printing barcodes, fonts, and graphic designs and, thereby, their legibility and durability of print at 60°C. Wax inks are characterised by lower melting point when compared to wax-resin and resin dyes thanks to which they are less burdensome for the print head and aid its longer service life. However, due to the higher softness of the wax ink, the printing made using it is more prone to smudging or scratching when compared to other dyes. Wax ribbons differ in terms of the amount of energy required for the printing process, blackness level, and resistance to abrasion. We offer a choice of wax ribbons with a specific price to efficiency ratio.

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What’s next?

Tell us about your needs

Call us or write to us and tell what requirements must be met by the labels, in what conditions they are going to be used.

Analysis of the target use

We explore the topic presented – if necessary, we go to the place where the labels will be used.

Selection of materials and tests on samples

We match the labels (or several types of them) to the ascertained requirements and send their samples to carry out tests and select the best ones.

Offer for a selected solution

We present a price offer for selected labels and optionally contract proposal regarding material deliveries.

Let’s talk about your project

Irrespective of what labels you need, we will select the best ones, meeting even high requirements.

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