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Vision systems



Industrial vision systems use the ability to “see” physical characteristics of objects for their measurement and inspection.  Based on the obtained data, they “make a decision” concerning further fate of goods  whether they move to the further stages of the production or logistical process or are eliminated because of defects having been detected. Combining a camera or a camera assembly, lighting, a lens, a device for image acquisition and processing as well as software, a vision system enables to automate control and measurement tasks, increase the capacity of the handled process and ensure the utmost quality of products.



Why choose vision systems from SKK S.A.?


We implement vision systems which support both the production and logistic processes. We have implemented them in distribution centres, warehouses, automatic sorting plants for many years and recently also for e-commerce companies. In the manufacturing area, we reinforce the businesses e.g. in heavy, electronic, pharmaceutical and chemical industry with special taking into account to processes conducted under difficult or specific conditions.

We treat the process of vision system implementation comprehensively by means of thorough cognition the objectives which the system is to meet, process analysis, programming specific algorithms, component selection and carrying out tests. We integrate the vision systems with processing lines or actuators in the form of robots, automatic labelling systems or industrial automation system components, as well as with ERP, MES, WMS and SCADA systems. As the system integrator, we have an opportunity to match up solutions in accordance with the equipment standards applied in a given company. Owing to cooperation with leading global manufacturers, we use the best components, and in combination with our experience we gain the highest quality solutions as a result.


Product dimension identification and measurement system


The main task of the system is dynamic measurement of the size of objects and checking their conformity to the dimensions defined in a database. The solution (called a scanning tunnel) is most often used at automatic sorting lines – it enables to increase the packaging process automation. It may also be used for measurements and their registration exclusively, for example in order to support and optimize the parcel loading process.


Dimensions and product geometry control system


Owing to ultra-fast measurement of product dimensions, combined with checking their geometry, the system registers the readout results in a database and verifies them against the predefined values. The solution is useful in the automotive and electronic sector, in plastic processing plants and anywhere where cubature is the key parameter of product.




Product check system at the packing station

The solution considerably increases the efficiency of manual working stations during multi-product packaging. It is great for e-commerce. During the packing process the cameras look for bar codes on the products carried by the operator, read them dynamically and correctly, thus verifying their conformity with the order list and recording in the database.



Product quality control system

The system checks the product completeness (shape, size, print presence, component location with respect to one another) based on a photo, verify product conformity with the template.
This solution is used mainly at high-capacity manufacturing lines where it eliminates human errors caused by the monotonous nature of tasks.


Bar code quality control system

The system verifies the correctness and quality of bar codes. It allows for instant detection of incorrect, illegible or damaged labels, and in case of a serial error (few faulty bar codes one after another) it blocks the machine or production line. It is most common in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.




Label location control system

Inspecting the specific location of a label on the product, thereby the system verifies its presence in general. It also checks the legibility of bar codes placed on the labels. The system is able to register e.g. goods bearing serial numbers and has a quantitative product registration mechanism. It is mainly used in the FMCG industry.



Code reading system for sorting systems

By reading a bar code, the system verifies the conformity of the order list with products on a conveyor belt first and then starts relevant receiving channels for products, ensuring the appropriate delivery directions. It is designed perfectly for highly efficient sorting plants, which require very fast scanners.


Colour control system


The solution is based on specialized colour transducers (colour space) and lighting systems. The product colour inspection consists in comparison with a pattern, including a digital pattern. The system is often used in printing houses and in those companies where the impeccable product presentation is of immense important.


Surface structure control system

The system is based on the line scan cameras or laser measurement and surface mapping systems. It checks the surface structure of the product or ribbon of material. It is used for manufacturing drawn products, e.g. in the metallurgical, automotive, telecommunications and textile industry..



High capacity and operating accuracy
Automation of monotonous manual tasks
Reliable parameter control method
Elimination of defective products and semi-finished products
Rejecting wrong marked products
Optimised raw material consumption
Increased quality of manufactured products
Logistics operations improvement
Cost optimization
Reduced number of complaints
Positive company image
Increased competitiveness

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