These advanced portable devices enable remote and fast data exchange between the user and the information system by means of Wi-Fi or LTE. Designed in line with the cutting-edge technology trends, lightweight and yet durable, most often equipped with a barcode reader, they ensure effective management of assortment and guarantee a very long service life. They have a number of applications, often in harsh industrial conditions or outdoors. They support production, logistic and warehousing processes, commerce, and field work.

Terminals for field work

They are a reliable work tool for couriers, suppliers, service technicians and other people moving and working in the field. They combine many functions, including the one of smart computer, advanced scanner, telephone, navigator. They provide very high performance for operating various business applications, fast data registration and transfer. Thanks to high-capacity batteries, they enables oven a dozen hours of uninterrupted work. These terminals are characterised by a suitably strong structure, resistant to mechanical damage caused by falls or shocks, waterproof and dustproof, and resistant to weather conditions. They have a large touchscreen resistant to cracks and scratches with high brightness, readable in sunlight, which can be operated in gloves as well. They are available with a broad range of accessories, including the ones used for charging. In case of larger screen size need, the use of rugged industrial tablets is a beneficial option.

Robust structure
High performance
Long battery life
Advanced functions

Terminals for shops

Due to the mild working environment, terminals designed to operate in shops do not require such extensive durability as devices from other groups. Hence, they are characterised by a lighter structure and a smaller, convenient size. There are still some models with a physical keyboard to be found, but more and more often these are full-screen terminals which have a touch keyboard displayed on the screen whenever required. The built-in scanner enables to read one- and two-dimensional codes in any orientation, and its range is not or need not be long because there is no such need here. In case of intensive use there are useful and available accessories such as pistol grips, extra batteries, and chargers.

Lightweight design
Small size
Code reading in any orientation
Useful accessories

Handheld warehouse terminals

They are characterised by an extremely durable structure, including a casing that provides resistance to a number of unfavorable factors often occuring in warehouses. They are resistant to multiple falls and shocks and, consequently, mechanical damage, a wide range of temperature, including sudden changes of temperature, which take place at reloading locks or locks of freezer rooms. Watertightness and dust resistance of warehouse terminals are guaranteed by high protection classes (IP). They are most often equipped with a physical and ergonomic keyboard, as well as a pistol grip that relieves the hands in case of intensive scanning. These devices ware designed to read codes from a distance of even over a dozen meters, e.g. when registering goods from higher levels and through a barrier in the form of foil or truck glass or, furthermore, foil and glass at the same time.

Very durable construction
Ergonomic keyboard
Code reading from a long distance
Useful accessories

RFID terminals

They take the form of a unit for RFID label operating which is either integrated with the terminal permanently or attached to it as an accessory. For identification purposes, they use radio technology which enables exeptionally precise RFID tag reading. Their other great advantages are the ability to read or save data from even several hundred RFID labels per second and a long range coming to up to over a dozen metres in case of some models. RFID terminals are used, among others in warehouses, production halls, shops, especially where a large number of goods are located within a small space. They are characterised by a comfortable size and, equally, a strong structure, as well as attributes and equipment, appropriate for terminals from other groups, which enable work in various, including difficult environment.

Compact and solid construction
Operation of RFID labels
Enormous speed of identification

Long distance reading

Terminals for mounting in vehicles

Highly durable devices designed for operating in difficult conditions, i.e. moisture, dustiness, temperature fluctuation, potential mechanical damage. The terminals are most often installed in warehouse trucks. Assembly method is important here, which ensures its robustness, no interference with the vehicle structure (e.g. by drilling) and terminal installation in the place optimal for the operator using fixing elements. Terminals mounted in vehicles have a larger display when compared to their handheld brothers. They are powered by electrical system of the vehicle with the use built-in or external converters. The use of this type of terminals contributes to streamling work of vehicle operators and increaes its safety. In some applications industrial tablets will be more advantageous solution due to even larger screen instead of traditional truck terminals.

Tremendous durability
Very large screen
Electrical power supply
Flexible assembly

Why choose terminals from the SKK S.A.?

30 years of experience

Many years of experience with regard to systems and devices to automatic identification for various sectors or non-standard applications aids our market authority.

Reliable, competent consulting

Our trusted consultants will listen to your company needs carefully and will select terminals optimum for the requirements, standards, operating conditions, etc.

The most cost-effective solutions

Thanks to close and long-term cooperation with the leading global manufacturers of terminals, we provide equipment adjusted to the required tasks at the best possible price.

Top-class service of devices

Our extended and experienced team of service technicians will ensure continuous operation of terminals used to execute many fundamental processes in your company.

Do you need advice when selecting terminals?

Case studies

Efficient terminal management at Thule

SKK supplied several dozens terminals which, cooperating with WMS, improve operations in all European warehouses in the entire supply chain, enable to preview of stock levels online, transfers between warehouses, receivings or issuings from the warehouse.
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Automation of cylinders deliveries process at Gaspol S.A.

The system of gas cylinders deliveries at Gaspol is fully automated now. Orders from customers are entered into the program Axapta; converted into commissions and then automatically distributed among the drivers (salesmen) and sent to their mobile terminals. SKK mobile system allows receiving orders and full registration of sale at the level of terminals. Each mobile terminal is equipped with a barcode reader and module of mobile network.
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The Jagiellonian University modernizes the stocktaking

The university, like other public institutions and commercial companies must conduct periodic stocktakings. In the case of the Jagiellonian University the stocktaking is a substantial challenge because hundreds of thousands of objects are subject to inventory.
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Artur Goliński

Co-owner, Euro-Trade
The multifunctional terminals proposed by SKK are perfect for our warehouses. The implemented solution means acceleration of work and a greater degree of computerisation.

Paweł Piwiński

Linde Gaz Polska Sp. z o.o.
The timeliness of subsequent terminal deliveries was extremely important to us. This enabled us to implement the entire project smoothly. SKK was always delivering the equipment on time, in accordance with adopted schedule.

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