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Mobile business era

The mobile technology changes the way business is done and creates new business models. More and more employees carry out their tasks based on mobile devices and applications which play a crucial role for achieving the company success. Due to the scale of mobile solutions, significant challenges are their management and security of use. These challenges gets stronger together with the implementation of so-called the Internet of Things (IoT) on which the companies rely on more and more often. Various types of equipment, accessories, vehicles, etc. become more and more smart, better and better connected, providing important data to companies and ensuring opportunities which have been hardly available or not available at all so far.

How does SKK S.A. support mobility of your business?

Based on the partnership cooperation with the leading and proven supplier of mobile solutions, i.e. SOTI, we carry out thorough implementation of them. Having experience and extensive expertise, our staff offer advice, organises training, performs installationss and configurations in the designated devices or servers, integrates with internal systems, provides technical support and system maintenance services. The mobile solutions offered by us support management of such devices as terminals, smartphones, tablets, desktop or mobile printers. We implement these solutions regardless of the brand and age of devices.

Reliable partnership
High qualifications
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Comprehensive services
The most advantageous prices
Dependable technical support

One platform — many solutions

SOTI ONE Platform

It integrates all aspects of enterprise mobility management (EMM) intuitively into one, exceptional and easy-to-use platform. Thanks to seven unique, revolutionary components, it simplifies activities relating to mobility and the Internet of Things and makes them smarter and more reliable. Thanks to it, with regard to key mobility, the companies reduce costs, complexity, and downtime of processes, develop applications faster, and manage the devices in a centralised way.

A solution for fast and efficient development of mobile applications for multiple platforms without using specialist resources. Everyone can create an application, just drag and drop the required widgets. For companies, this means the ability to introduce prototypes, performing the application iteration, and implementation them within a dozen and so minutes or hours instead of days or weeks.

It enables safe management of any device at any integration stage functioning on the basis of any operating system throughout its entire life cycle, from its implementation to withdrawal. It controls the whole mobility of the company, starting from monitoring physical resources, managing applications and content, and ending with securing devices and data.

The first diagnostic solution in the sector developed with the first mobility era in mind. It uses the awarded remote control technology SOTI, thanks to which technical consultants may analyse and solve problems related to devices and mobile applications easily and efficiently from any location any time.

An intelligent solution that enables in-depth analysis of application usage, data, network and employee behavior. It faciliates organizations to obtain useful information on the factors affecting the performance of their mobile devices and efficiency of the employees’ mobile activities.

It allows for simple and safe access to full set of SOTI ONE Platform solutions. It enables centralized user authentication, single login, and role management, thanks to which companies can implement continuous, integrated mobility management processes.

A solution with regard to the Internet of Things (IoT) developed for companies. It enables to manage IoT devices throughout their life cycle in the company. Extremely flexible SOTI Connect architecture based on data enables to manage and support such devices fast, ensuring shorter implementation duration of projects relating to the Internet of Things.

The Internet community for companies cooperating with SOTI and customers. The users may use it to easy connect with product specialists and other people making solutions available. This type of cooperation is aimed at the best use of mobile devices or effective implementation of the IoT devices.

Benefits of implementing SOTI solutions

Simplification of mobile processes
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Centralised device management
Minimised downtime of mobile operations
Immediate diagnostics and elimination of defects
Easy application development
Fast access to information
Increased operational efficiency
High security of company data
Cost reduction
Increased quality of customer service

Case studies

Efficient terminal management at Thule

SKK supplied several dozens terminals which, cooperating with WMS, improve operations in all European warehouses in the entire supply chain, enable to preview of stock levels online, transfers between warehouses, receivings or issuings from the warehouse.
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Automation of cylinders deliveries process at Gaspol S.A.

The system of gas cylinders deliveries at Gaspol is fully automated now. Orders from customers are entered into the program Axapta; converted into commissions and then automatically distributed among the drivers (salesmen) and sent to their mobile terminals. SKK mobile system allows receiving orders and full registration of sale at the level of terminals. Each mobile terminal is equipped with a barcode reader and module of mobile network.
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Record of goods “on the move” at Dailyfruits

For Dailyfruits, SKK designed a special recording system to control issuing and receiving goods in constant motion, i.e. the ones which leave the company and return to it on an ongoing basis. This is why they are particularly prone to be lost. The SKK solution has two components: a terminal to scan all come and going operations of crates and labels with a 2D barcode stuck on the returnable packagings.
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Stages of activities

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We specify any required information, and if a subject matter requires, we carry out an on-site verification at your company.

Selection of solutions and the offer

We adapt a solution meeting all guidelines and requirements, and present a detailed price and project offer.

Implementation and the after-sale service

We execute implementation of the accepted solution in accordance with the signed contract and provide support after it is completed.

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