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Label printers

Thermal and thermal transfer printers, diverse in terms of parameters, are used to print self-adhesive labels or tags. They are available in portable, desktop, semi-industrial and industrial versions, including continuous operation. They ensure long and efficient use and high-quality printout (up to 600 dpi). Modern technologies used in printers allow a number of amenities and advanced functions.

Desktop printers

Economical devices designed for printing small inputs of labels – up to 1,000 labels a day on average. They have a plastic housing and due to their small dimensions, the limited space is not an obstacle to their use. They are very easy to operate and maintain. There are versions for thermal and thermal transfer printing as well as RFID variant for radio labels printing. Desktop printers are characterized by high flexibility of applications. Models equipped with advanced functions or various accessories make them very versatile devices.

Compact design
Easy to operate
Small inputs of printout
Economical solution

Semi-industrial printers

They are characterised by a strong structure resistand to damage and a metal housing. They are designed to work in production conditions, in warehouses and wherever their durable construction and the printing large number of labels will fulfill their role. Depending on the size of the labels used, the method of use or the environmental conditions, the productivity of semi-industrial printers achieves 5,000-8,000 labels per day on average. These printers are adjusted to operate with larger roll sizes of labels and ink ribbons. They also support more types of materials which labels are made of. They are usually factory-equipped with all common interfaces, including an Ethernet card. This group of printers has a lot of amenities, i.e. tools for unsticking, cutting or winding labels. The printing technologies used in their case are thermal, thermal transfer and RFID.

Robust construction
Large volumes printing

Large variety of media
Additional functionalities

Industrial printers

Designed with work in very difficult conditions in mind. Thanks to even stronger – compared to semi-industrial printers, construction and cassing, they are resistant to such factors as dust, moisture, unfavorable temperature or its considerable fluctuations. These are technologically advanced and reliable devices designed for high-volume printing, also in continuous mode. At the same time, the speed and precision of printing with the release of industrial printers is very high. Their capacity is from 8,000 to1,000 labels per day on average to an unlimited quantity. Due to their bigger size, they can house larger labels and ribbon rolls which reduces downtimes required to replace them. Their size also allows them to be equipped with many modules extending the functional and technical possibilities, e.g. an internal label rewinder or a larger, color display. Similarly to other stationary printers, printing take place by thermal, thermal transfer or RFID method.

Extremely durable construction
High-volume printing
Very high efficiency
Advanced functionalities

Mobile printers

They are a great solution for people working in the field or in warehouses with a large area, or generally anywhere immediate printing is required. They work out in places without power supplies, which is possible thanks to equipping printers with a capacious battery. Thereby, they require periodic charging with a charger. They communicate with the master device wirelessly using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth standard – a wired connection is rather rare. An indispensable advantage of portable printers is their small size and low weight. Their design does not adversely affect the quality of the printouts which is very good. Depending on the working environment, they are available in various variants – from the most lightweight, shapely models to more robust ones with a reinforced and durable housing. They print using thermal technology, and some models are equipped with RFID modules to work with radio labels.

Ability to use anywhere
Comfortable use (small size and weight)
Long operating time (capacious battery)

High quality of printout

Why choose printers from the SKK S.A.?

30 years of experience

Many years of experience with regard to systems and devices to automatic identification for various sectors or non-standard applications aids our market authority.

Reliable, competent consulting

Our trusted consultants will listen to your company needs carefully and will select printers optimum for the requirements, standards, operating conditions, etc.

The most cost-effective solutions

Thanks to close and long-term cooperation with the leading global manufacturers of printers, we provide equipment adjusted to the required tasks at the best possible price.

Top-class service of devices

Our extended and experienced team of service technicians will ensure continuous operation of printers used to execute many fundamental processes in your company.

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Case studies

Reliable printout system at Adamed Pharma S.A.

The new solution involved two production plants – in Pabianice and in Ksawerów, and a total of over a dozen workstations. It consists of a central server, workstations and printout stations. The server hosts a database and NiceLabel LMS software. The workstations are computers used for printing the labels and defining data to print them. In turn, each printing station consists of an industrial label printer, proximity card reader and a scale.
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Professional product labelling at ITM Poland Sp. z o.o.

SKK specialists, having analysed the needs of ITM Poland, proposed specialised labels made of Removable Label White plastic. The material has icreased strength parameters and is resistant to many chemicals and weak acids. The labels manufactured by SKK are covered with entirely removable adhesive.
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Efficient production and warehouse management in P.P.H.U. POLIPACK S.J.

The new system releases items from the warehouse following the FIFO algorithm, i.e. beginning with the oldest. With the use of portable computers – terminals and SKK Smart applications, the following processes are carried out: acceptance of details and raw materials from purchase, their issuing to the co-operation, issuing the items to the injection moulding or to the pad printing departments, acceptance of semi-finished products from the injection moulding or the pad printing departments, issuing the semi-finished products for the assembly, acceptance of finished product into the warehouse and its issuing to the customer, and finished products stocktaking.
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Jacek Malec

Manager of Production Investment Projects, Adamed Pharma S.A.
Having experience in cooperation with SKK S.A., we expected a professional and open approach to the assumed task. We were not disappointed. The implemented system facilitates the printout process significantly, it is reliable and accurate.

Dawid Majchrzak

Technical Department Manager, Hilding Anders Polska Sp. z o.o.
The devices and consumables provided by SKK, and especially their installation and implementation services, should be assessed very highly. The implemented technologies are known to SKK engineers perfectly.

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