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Why choose the Hive Track?

Hive Track is a modern system of delivery planning and control that increases the efficiency and transparency of the process and improves its quality. It is an authorial solution of SKK S.A. enabling to track and verify the delivery process at each of its stages. Hive Track is an intuitive tool supporting drivers and dispatchers in carrying out their tasks.


Benefits of the Hive Track implementation

Minimised errors
Elimination of delivery delays
Better use of resources
Increase of total process efficiency
Imcreased quality of contractor service
Reduced costs
High process transparency
Increase of the company’s competitiveness

Do you want to streamline deliveries in your company?

Tell us about your process and we will analyse it and present how the Hive Track will improve your business.

Elements of the Hive Track system

Mobile application

Mobile application

It enables to carry out and verify loading, goods deliveries, and task clearing.

Internet application

Internet application

It is used for route planning and optimisation and for monitoring the entire delivery process.

Hive Track means a support all delivery stages

Thanks to the Hive Track, you can streamline many processes, including:

up to 90%
less paper documention
up to 99 %
fewer errors when
up to 10%
lower fuel costs
up to 65%
less costs of dealing

Case studies

Efficient terminal management at Thule

Automatyczne aplikatory etykiet od SKK są w pełni zintegrowane z systemami pracującymi wewnątrz firmy, sterownikiem zarządzającym linią produkcyjną oraz oprogramowaniem ERP. Cały proces wytwarzania i naklejania etykiet jest ściśle zsynchronizowany z przebiegiem etapów produkcji.
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Efficient picking at Eurocash S.A.

Without slowing down an entrepreneurial development for a moment, Eurocash decided to increase the efficiency in one of its most key logistics processes, which is the picking of goods. This goal was to be achieved with a new system using voice technology.
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Logistics automation at Kampol-Fruit Sp. z o.o.

SKK Smart quickly and accurately records all stages of commodity circulation. From the moment of raw material supplying by farmers, through its sorting, classification, entry and exit from the production line, to placing the finished product in the freezer room and issuing from the warehouse. The individual operations at the production, storage and distribution levels take place mediately barcodes – by scanning the code from the goods with the use of portable terminals.
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