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Hive Sensor

Hive Sensor is a modern IoT solution for monitoring transport and storage conditions of goods in insulated containers. It is also served to mangage of container turnover managing and their recording. Delivering precise data, Hive Sensor eliminates losses relating to any irregularities during the above processes. Thus, it ensures maintenance of the highest quality of products and increased efficiency of processes in the delivery chain.

Benefits of Hive Sensor system implementation

Proactive protection of goods in the supply chain
Reliable product quality control
Quick responsing to detected anomalies
Process automation
Cost reduction
Increase of competitiveness

Hive Sensor monitors the course of processes along the entire length of the cold supply chain


The system records cooling containers in the warehouse and monitors determined parameters inside them. It provides information about the containers returned to the warehouse, the zone which they are in at any given time, if they are cooled, if they are filled with goods, if they are ready for the next transport.


Conditions in the containers during transport (including temperature) are recorded. They include possible anomalies of indicators, e.g. as a result of undesirable container opening. Thanks to that, it is possible to determine the efficiency of a given means of transport and take appropriate measures if need be.

Receiving to the shop

The system allows verify the time and conditions of containers after they are transported to the shop, including whether the cold supply chain has not been disrupted. It also specifies if the container was opened right in the shop. The system records the container location which streamlines the management of their turnover and control of their location very much.

What data can you monitor due to Hive Sensor?

Location of containers

Information in which shop or warehouse the container was recently.

Technical condition of containers

Information if any and which containers require service and which ones require replacement.

Preparation of containers

Information about containers ready to use, requiring preparation or filled.

Use of containers

Data on the number of containers used which serve to optimise owned resources.

Time of delivery to the destination

Information about the time when a given container was delivered to the shop, reloading chamber or another destination.

Quality of goods delivered

The parameters specifying the conditions during the goods transport and any damage.

Moment of container unpacking

Data on the waiting time for container unpacking after it reaching the destination.

Moment of damage occuring

Information about the stage of delivery chain when the goods were damaged.

Hive Sensor cooperates with the majority of insulated containers available on the market.

For whom?

Hive Sensor will work out for any companies using insulated containers (icebox, coolbox, etc.) in transport and/or during warehousing.

Suppliers of goods directly to shops
Companies with operation of warehouses and reloading chambers
Delivery process subcontractors

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