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They are a practical and widely used solution in many facilities, i.e. shops, wholesalers, warehouses, production lines, medical facilities, public institutions. Most readers enable reading both one-dimensional and two-dimensional codes. We provide various models of readers depending on their purpose and conditions of use. There are innovative versions among them, enabling their advanced formatting and many codes reading at the same time or from a considerable distance of over a dozen meters.

Handheld wired readers

They use a stable cable connection to communicate with the master device (computer, cash register). They are therefore equipped with a USB cable or an optional RS-232. They allow for their free and precise use and manual activation of the scanning system. Depending on the purpose, they have modern and suitably advanced scanning modules, e.g. for reading small and dense codes or large codes from a considerable distance. In turn, depending on the working environment, they may have a reinforced housing ensuring greater mechanical resistance or operation in extreme temperatures. Many models meet the standards of watertightness and dust resistance, having various protection classes IP. Handheld wired readers can be purchased with a stand for more comfortable operation in automatic mode at some applications.

Stable cable connection
Advanced scanning modules
Possibility of operation in difficult conditions
Independence of battery power supply

Handheld wireless readers

Thanks to wireless communication, they increase leeway to work and the user’s mobility significantly. The cable winding nearby is not a potential obstacle. Wireless readers operate on the basis of radio connection – Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, whereby they achieve a much greater range in the first standard. Unlike the wired readers, they require charging accessories. They are perfect for reading codes from various places at a significant distance from the fiscal device or computer. They also make it easier to read codes on large-size goods without having to lift them. For difficult operating conditions, there are available models with a high degree of protection against dust and water, high resistance to shocks, falls, weather conditions, etc.

Comfort of use
Code readout from long distances

Operation in difficult environmental conditions
Charging by means of accessories

Bench-mounted readers

Designed for permanent installation on any surface, most often in a table top or in a wall with the use of special mounting holes. These are readers with the best optical parameters which enable to read the code at once upon placing it in the scanning field, regardless of its location. Due to their fast scanning capability, they are often used in automated processes on production lines, including in the field of quality control. A variation of this group of scanners are readers that can be installed at cash desks. Placing them in the counter allows space saving on the workstation. Their main advantages, i.e. are fast and faultless code reading, work out perfectly in shops especially in those one with intensified customers’ comings and goings.

The best optical parameters
Very fast code reading
Scanning in automated processes
Assembling ease

Do you need advice when selecting readers?

Why choose readers from SKK S.A.?

30 years of experience

Many years of experience with regard to systems and devices to automatic identification for various sectors or non-standard applications aids our market authority.

Reliable, competent consulting

Our trusted consultants will listen to your company needs carefully and will select readers optimum for the requirements, standards, operating conditions, etc.

The most cost-effective solutions

Thanks to close and long-term cooperation with the leading global manufacturers of readers, we provide equipment adjusted to the required tasks at the best possible price.

Top-class service of devices

Our extended and experienced team of service technicians will ensure continuous operation of readers used to execute many fundamental processes in your company.

Case studies

Fauitless identification at Alior Bank

The greatest benefit for Alior Bank, thanks to the use of readers, is the possibility of quick and precise registration of paper documents. These documents are processed into an electronic version, identified by a barcode and made available in systems od the bank. Such an assumption enabled to confine the number of prints and copies, thereby bringing financial savings.
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RFID modernises production at Hilding Anders Polska Sp. z o.o.

The first of them is a modern manufacturing technology using the automatic identification system based on barcodes and on radio tags, operating in the UHF band. The combination of those two technologies in a single solution of manufacturing process control is a pioneering idea for the industrial plants of that type.
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Modernization of warehouse and production management at PZ HTL S.A.

The entire storage space was divided into warehouse localizations, which were then properly marked using the Nice Label application for label printing. At the same time the warehouse archive status of was labelled. Now it is known where exactly a given batch of constituents is located. At a later stage, devices and other applications for the management of warehouse and production operations were delivered.
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Barbara Majdyś

Network Management Manager, Billbird S.A.
The readers supplied by SKK met our expectations and are primarily failure-free. And if anything requires technician’s intervention, we can always count on excellent and professional maintenance service.

Mikołaj Białota

IT specialist, Alior Bank
Cooperation with SKK S.A. runs perfectly. There are no delays regarding reader deliveries to our branches throughout the country, even when there occur delivery orders with a very short lead time (48 hours).

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