Wireless communication in Südzucker Polska S.A.

Objectives of the implementation:

  • Construction of a wireless radio network connecting 5 production plants
  • Meeting the product traceability requirement

Korzyści z wdrożenia: 

Secure communication
Fast identification of goods
Efficient verification of the pallet location in the supply chain
Better management of production and storage stock

Südzucker Polska S.A. is a dynamically developing company belonging to the Südzucker Group, the largest sugar manufacturer in Europe. The company coordinates the operations of five manufacturing plants situated in the most fertile grounds in Silesia and south-eastern Poland. Südzucker Polska supplies products of the “Cukier Królewski” brand for the food industry every day. The high quality of its product is confirmed by the certificates, i.e. HACCP, ISO 9001, and IFS.

Currently, identification is one of the most important components of the cutting-edge food production and distribution system. The European and national legislation imposes more and more obligations on the manufacturers of food products. In connection with the product traceability requirement in Südzucker warehouses in Poland, it was necessary to use an information system for warehouse management what, in turn, required the implementation of efficient radio network operating in several locations.

The Krakow-based company SKK S.A., which has extensive experience in implementing wireless networks in production and warehouse environments, was invited to perform the latter task. SKK proposed the construction of a centrally managed Cisco radio network based on access points, i.e. managed by one server, and covering and operating in many locations, in accordance with the needs of Südzucker Polska.

Tomasz Majchrowicz

IT Manager, Südzucker Polska
We asked SKK to implement the radio network as we had a pleasure to cooperate with them before and, what is more, the company has experience relating to wireless network implementation supported by recommendations. SKK is flexible and sensitive to customers’ needs company. I am very pleased with the results of that cooperation and I may surely term the implementation of the radio network as a success.

The implementation carried out by SKK included the design, installation and commissioning of the network as well as training for the system administrator. First, the specialists from SKK made an on-site visit, during which they made measurements of wave propagation and acquainted with the construction of the halls where the radio network was to operate. On this basis, they prepared a project with the selection of appropriate equipment, determination of its precise quantity (access points, antennas), as well as its optimal placement. At a later stage, the installation, configuration and commissioning of the network were proceeded.

The implementation of the solution proposed by SKK enable to connect by a radio network five production plants of Südzucker Polska, located in the areas from Lower Silesia to the Polish-Ukrainian border. The radio network installed in the warehouses of finished products allows efficient wireless communication and, thus, the identification and verification of pallets and their current loacation. The implemented implementation also means a significant improvement of the production process and the quality of tracking the produced batches and enables optimal management of warehouse stock.

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