Durable labelling in Megatech Industries Tomaszów Sp. z o.o.

Implementation objective:

  • Labelling process improvement

Advantages of the implementation:

High durability of labelling
Efficient identification of products
Cost reduction
Time saving
Increase of work efficiency

Megatech Industries Tomaszów Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer of components for the automotive industry. These are such elements as: door panels, headliners, parts of seats and car boots, etc. The production plant in Tomaszów Mazowiecki has operated since 1996. Currently (since 2016) it is part of the international capital group called Megatech headquartered in Liechtenstein. The group has a total of 12 factories and 5 technical centers around the world.Megatech products meet the highest customer requirements thanks to using the company know-how, specially improved materials and production processes.

The automotive industry is a demanding one with regard to labelling its products. Materials used for labelling must meet the high requirements exacted by the specific nature of operation. Irrespective of the delivery chain stage where they will be used, they should be veryy durable and ensure readability.

The challenge for Megatech turned out to be the labelling of one of its products, which are components used to assembly car seats. The labelled surface is not even or smooth, but stamped with various marks ofmanufacturer. In addition, it is specific, because it is made of a slightly oily wood-based material. For mentioned reasons, the adhesion of the labels is stymied.

Adrian Podkalicki

Quality Director, Megatech Industries Tomaszów Sp. z o.o.
Cooperating with SKK has been highly satisfactory for us. It is a pleasure for us to observe an open-minded approach of the company to the challenges that we pose in front of them. The implemented solution relating to labelling our product works out excellently and makes this manufacturing stage much easier.

The solution used so far has been a somewhat complex method, because in order to ensure the adhesion of the labels to the substrate, an adhesive was used in addition to them. This method of marking was not convenient and generated additional costs and time.
In order to improve it, Megatech turned to SKK S.A., with which it has been cooperating for many years regarding various solutions.

Having collected the required information concerning the customer’s needs, SKK carried out tests of materials on the original, labelled component. Next, the samples were sent to the customer where they subjected further tests in a climatic chamber. Finally, special polyester labels with a very strong adhesive were chosen as they performed the best. They ensure immediate adhesion to the surface to be labelled and meet the other necessary requirements of the manufacturer. A suitable ribbon was selected for the mentioned labels which guarantees thermal transfer printing of the highest quality.

Thanks to appropriately selected materials, now Megatech has professional, permanent labelling the car seat components. In addition, the labelling process is much shorter, reduces costs and, certainly, is more comfortable.

Within the implementation, the companies signed an agreement concerning the deliveries of the described consumables. The agreement guarantees not only the absence of delays when delivering the labels and ribbons, but also a fixed price for minimum one year and invariably materials of high quality. It is worth adding that both companies are still tightening their cooperation, because they have been already talked on the labeling the other products of the producer from Tomaszów.

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