Reliable network system at Auto-Gum Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.

Objectives of the implementation:

  • Building the network system in a new warehouse
  • Ensuring the continuity of the network operation


Benefits of the implementation:

High security of communication
High performance and network stability
Managing system ease
Working comfort
Increase in the efficiency of the enterprise
System expandability

Auto-Gum Sp. z o.o. Sp.k. company has been present on the market since 1991 and it is one of the largest distributors of tires, batteries and car rims in Poland. At home and abroad, it sells over 700 thousand tires and more than 45 thousand batteries per year. The company also provides maintenance services for any vehicles – passenger cars, trucks, industrial, agricultural, etc. It has a developed internet ordering system and a logistics system based on its own transport and the services of forwarders. A wide selection of products from the best Polish and foreign manufacturers, extensive experience, modernity and professional counselling comprise of the high quality of services offered by Auto-Gum. The company has been co-creating ‘’Polskie Składy Oponiarskie’’ for 16 years.

The dynamically prospering Auto-Gum company was faced with the task of improving its logistics processes. Handling the constantly increasing number of orders from customers and intensive development engendered the need for expanding the warehouse space for storage and turnover of commodities. Thus, in 2017, it decided to invest in a new, large warehouse in Kokotów near Krakow. The next stage of business improvement was supposed to be the creating a network infrastructure as a basis for communication and process management in the company. Auto-Gum chose SKK S.A. as the contractor of the above task. This decision was well-grounded the experience of SKK in creating networks in a diverse environment, including often difficult, industrial one, as well as by recommendation.

Following thorough examining the needs and requirements of the client and getting acquainted with the plans of new warehouse, SKK engineers prepared a network project.

Rafał Drab

IT Manager, Auto-Gum Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
SKK completed all project and installation works very reliably. What’s more, it responded to our needs openly and didn’t stick to the implementation framework only, e.g. during the process of relocating our server room, when we could count on professional counselling. We are happy that we chose a partner who is close to the matters of its clients. Thus, we plan to continue the cooperation with regard to another solutions which are offered by the SKK.

A very important factor that was taken into account here was the type of goods to be stocked viz car tires. Distribution center in Kokotów is a high-bay warehouse with appointed areas for baskets used to store tires. The number of baskets filled upwards may change.

Tires are a material that strongly suppresses radio waves and this is a challenge when planning a network. To ensure its proper operation, both full and partial filling up the warehouse with goods should be taken into account. Being governed by an experience, simulations carried out and measurements of wave propagation, the specialists from SKK selected the appropriate types and quantities of network devices and placed them properly within the framework of project.

With regard to LAN, distribution points were applied, which were connected with optical fibre in a ring scheme and equipped with additional active and passive equipment. The devices and methodology used are aimed at ensuring network coverage on the full area of the warehouse and increasing its security, in the event of any failure of any equipment element, the continuity of the network operation will not be disturbed. An Ethernet link was drawn from distribution points to optimally disposed access points.

WLAN is the Cisco solution based on access points, centrally managed and monitored by means of controller. The access points installed belong to the latest Cisco series and they are designed for applications in demanding environments. They operate in the 802.11ac wireless standard, guaranteeing the high efficiency and quality of mobile device operating. The use of a physical wireless controller results in high network security, and the supply of a spare controller, which in the event of a failure of the first controller, automatically takes over its role, ensures full system stability. The devices intrinsically react to the changing situation on the air, modifying, for example, the power of transmitters or operating channels in real time, what makes the network easy to manage and practically maintenance-free. It is a very flexible solution which also enable to expand the network by adding additional access points if neccessary.

Except for the installation and appropriate configuration of the entire network system, its segmentation was performed. This measure even more improves security and bandwidth of the network. In the final stage, as-built tests were carried out, confirming the correct operation of the system, and its key users were trained as well. Cisco equipment has been covered by an extended 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and SKK provides technical support services for the implemented solution.

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