Radio communication in warehouses of PSB Group S.A.

Objective of the implementation:

  • Radio network construction
  • Warehouse equipment with hardware for marking and barcode reading
  • Implementation of warehouse management system

Benefits of the implementation: 

Secure communication
On-line access to always current stocks
Efficient merchandise labelling
Increase in the accuracy and efficiency of warehousemen work
Quick identification of goods

PSB Group S.A. is the largest and fastest growing network of building materials wholesalers and stores “home and garden” type. PSB has over 400 building depots, nearly 200 PSB-Mrówka shops and 34 PSB-Profi shopping centers operating throughout Poland. The warehouses and Mrówka shops employ a total of about 11 thousand people. The company head office is in Wełecz near Busko-Zdrój. There also is a Group Logistics Centre, which consists of warehouses, storage yards and office buildings.

In order to streamline the warehouse service, the company management board decided to implement new solutions, such as an information system, equipment for labelling, devices for reading bar codes and good communication. The company was looking for a partner who will not only provide radio devices, but most of all will design the network, implement a solution, provide all other equipment, conduct tests and will be providing technical support services after the implementation.

Prior to the construction of the network SKK specialists performed measurements of waves propagation. The aim of the measurements was selection of the optimal solution, determination the number of access points (AP) and final preparation of the project. SKK experts designed network, delivered and installed the radio access points.

Jarosław Lenczowski

Computer Specialist from the IT Department, PSB Group.
We chose SKK among many bidders because it had the best recommendations and we were not disappointed. The co-operation with SKK was very good. The network works flawlessly. In the future we plan its expansion with additional mobile devices. Choice of SKK as a supplier was a correct decision.

According to the assumption, the radio network covered the reach of all warehouse buildings, including the building of high-storage warehouse and the outer area between the buildings, i.e. vehicular roads and external storage yard. On the occasion of network implementation for the storage system the client decided to extend the network coverage for the office area. Providing wireless coverage over such a vast and diverse area required the use of several network technologies.

SKK also proposed and provided 22 radio terminals for the system. On terminals the PSB warehousemen perform warehouse operations such as receipting and issuing of goods, stocktaking or picking on-line. SKK supplied and installed a dozen or so the stationary and mobile printers for printing labels on the received goods, assembled in the warehouse and ready for shipping.

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