Production Logging System at Grupa Powen-Wafapomp S.A.

Objective of the implementation:

  • Manufacturing process improvement

Benefits of the implementation:

Elimination of delays in accessing production data
Better production planning
Up-to-date and reliable order data
Elimination of mistakes with regard to orders
Possibility to verify performed tasks

Grupa Powen-Wafapomp S.A. has supplied highly specialist industrial pumps for more than 100 years, primarily for power plants, combined heat and power plants, mines, chemical and petrochemical plants, sugar mills and for water supply systems. It offers comprehensive solutions adapted to the customers’ needs, including in the “turnkey” project system. In its plants in Warsaw and Zabrze, the company employs more than 600 people, including 40 design engineers.

Grupa Powen-Wafapomp S.A. listens to the market requirements and keeps improving the quality of services and its product portfolio. One of the issues it wanted to improve was the access to the up-to-date data on manufacturing orders.
Performing particular orders, the employees had to fill in paper task sheets which were then re-written into the ERP system. That was tedious, time-consuming work, and a source of possible mistakes. Data appeared in the system late which hampered e.g. production planning. Thus the ERP system used in the company was not a sufficiently reliable source of information on the order progress.

To solve that problem, the company launched a project aimed at significantly accelerated transfer of production progress data to the ERP system. Having analysed the solutions available on the market, it sent a request for proposals to three companies. Following conversations and initial consultations, it selected SKK S.A. from Krakow.

Michał Barkoczyński-Prochownik

IT Director, Grupa Powen-Wafapomp S.A
SKK experience related to implementing similar system convinced us that was the company to choose. We got the impression that the competitors perceived our project more from the perspective of selling devices, technology, and consumables to us. SKK adopted a process-oriented approach to the project. Obviously, the devices and technology were important as well, but the most vital aspect for us was to get a partner in the project who will provide us with their know-how and will enable us to implement the entire solution well.

Following several months’ consultations, the Production Logging System was developed and implemented in the plant in Zabrze.

Every pump manufacture starts from introducing the constructional structure and the technology track of the product into the ERP system which are then processed into manufacturing order grid there. Due to the production complexity, the need to adapt the products to the customer’s requirements and many parallel production projects processed at the same time, it is a significant challenge for the Production Planning Department to manage ties between orders and assess opportunities for the timely completion of the end product. This is why the accurate knowledge of every manufacturing order progress is of high importance.

Thanks to implementing the system from SKK and its successful integration with the company ERP system, the data submitted from production is available immediately. What is more, the implemented system offers mechanisms permitting ongoing control and verification of data entered by employees. Every operation is identified with a unique code to prevent mistaking it for any other order.

The solution ensures access to data to authorised employees. Having completed the job, the operator uses a computer with a touchscreen to scan the code of the completed operation and completes related data, e.g. the number of pieces manufactured, at what time, what the reason for possible delay or for the deficiencies was. The employee can preview the tasks completed by themselves, both current and the historical ones.

The Production Logging System also offers a tool where the basic information on the employees’ work and orders processed is available. The data is used to generate reports, which allow the production supervisors:

  • know the current progress of manufacturing orders,
  • know the quantity and type of deficiencies which enables to launch extra orders,
  • plan production based on up-to-date data,
  • reduce the costs of obtaining information concerning production execution,
  • analyse the reasons for deficiencies and places of their occurrence,
  • control the correctness of production operation performance.

Michał Barkoczyński-Prochownik

IT Director, Grupa Powen-Wafapomp S.A.
We plan a roll-out of the implemented system in another plant, i.e. the one in Warsaw. At present, we also plan to expand reporting based on data in SKK system and include the data in the internal communication system offering feedback to employees in the form of diagrams and indexes. We want to expand the system of messages and reports as well to ensure that as many employees are able to use processed data as possible. We are happy that this solution allows us to implement succeeding ideas.

The works carried out by SKK covered the solution development, software creation, construction of stations for work logging, installation, tests, and training. What is more, SKK provides technical support and equipment maintenance services.

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