Modern stock-taking at market-Detal

Objective of the implementation:

  • Facilitated process of fixed assets’ stock-taking
  • Automated assets management system
  • Integration of the new solution with the company system

Benefits of the implementation:

Significant acceleration of the stock-taking process
Error elimination during stock-taking procedures
Posibility to carry out many stock-taking procedures at the same time
Uniform, durable, and aesthetic labelling of fixed assets
Central database management
Improved assets management

Mila — great to do shopping….
Market-Detal has 17-year experience on the retail market. Before that, the company operated in POLOmarket Group and in early January 2015 it became an independent company with a new grocery supermarket chain called “Mila”. At present, the chain holds 185 supermarkets visited by more than 200 thousand customers every day in different parts of Poland.
In every Mila shop, the customer may choose from 6,000 products meeting their everyday shopping needs. The chain specialises in selling fresh products, including vegetables and fruit, meat and processed meat, cheese and cake supplied by Polish confectioneries.

More and more fixed assets
The company plans a dynamic development of Mila chain and further expansion of its supermarkets. More than 30 markets are going to be created a year. As much as 17 new outlets were created starting from early 2015. This involves increased shopping, warehousing, and office areas. The number of machines, devices, means of transport and other accessories required to do work is growing. This is why the company needed a cutting-edge solution which would enable it to stock-take its fixed assets fast and easily, eliminating errors occured sometimes.

Two-stage implementation
Market-Detal chose the automatic identification system using barcodes from SKK. The implementation was divided into two main stages. In 2012, a stock-taking solution was installed in its basic version, i.e. The application for labels printing and for marking fixed assets with barcodes, reflecting their numbers. The system fulfilled the company requirements and turned out successful. This is why in 2014 the company decided to expand it to other locations and with new functionalities. The expanded version was implemented which ensured highly efficient organisation of the planned stock-taking process in 2014.

Elżbieta Szymczak

Accounting Deparment, market-Detal
In September, we carried out stock-taking of all fixed assets using the SKK Inwentaryzator PRO system for the first time. The process was completed by the year end, meaning very fast. The system facilitated and fastened fixed asset identification and comparison of the register entries with the actual stock.

SKK Inwentaryzator PRO facilitates work relating to stock-taking the fixed assets of the company a lot. The stock-taking reports give us much precious information valuable for the accounting purposes. We are very satisfied. SKK Inwentaryzator PRO is great.

Automatic fixed asset recording in the full version
This new, comprehensive, fully automated solution is composed of wireless terminals for barcode reading, licence for SKK Inwentaryzator PRO application and SKK Starter programmes for blocking access to selected operating system functions and a specialistic thermal transfer printer for adhesive label printing. All market-Detal fixed assets are being marked using labels made from durable plastic.
The expanded system version enables to print barcode labels, to process data collected during the stock-taking process from labels using terminals and to generate reports after stock-taking completed.

The implementation was fast and smooth. In its course, terminals along with software were installed and configured and the system operation training was held for the company employees.

Many stock-taking processes at the same time
The scope of the digital records of the company fixed assets is much broader now. Until recently, solely the office equipment in the company headquarters was recorded. Now, the system covers components of furnishings in all shops, including e.g. counters, display cases, cold stores, checkouts, and small accessories such as scales or slicers. Every Mila chain facility carries out its own stock-taking process. The results are sent via the SKK Inwentaryzator Pro system directly to the accounting department in the headquarters. In this way, the reports from the local fixed asset stock-taking procedures reach one common database where they are verified, and the information is compared.

System integration
The new stock-taking solution in Mila chain is closely integrated with ERP SAP used by the company. Barcode numbers are synchronised with the fixed asset database in SAP. Every change in one system is recorded immediately in its twin version. Data import between the systems is carried out using a dedicated IT module.

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