Machines and tools under control at Infra-Port Sp. z o.o.

Implementation objectives:

  • Permanent and durable labelling of machines and tools
  • Automatic identification of owned resources
  • Streamlining the resource management proces

Advantages of the implementation:

More efficient management of machines and tools
Better work planning
Greater control over resource trading
Acceleration of warehouse operations
More efficient and shorter stock-taking process
Significant decrease of documentation errors number

Infra-Port Sp. z o.o., a company from Szczecin, has been operating on the port market and has provided services in general construction, teletechnical, power engineering and water supply and sewerage industries for over 15 years. The list of its reference includes, i.a. ports in Szczecin and Świnoujście.

Infra-Port has an extended machinery and tool park and performs manu various building works on several construction sites at the same time. An element required to ensure efficient company operations is the up-to-date knowledge concerning the availability and location of particular machines and tools. In turn, to identify a given machine or tool, it is necessary to mark it in a permanent and legible way.

Marking was carried out by means of polyester labels with a strong adhesive with increased mechanical resistance. The labels are resistant to weather conditions and most chemicals and mild acids. The label printind takes place with the use of Datamax thermal transfer printer. The major label component is the barcode enabling to identify a given machine or tool fast and beyond any doubt. Durable labels with a unique number included in a barcode are also used to mark warehouse locations.

Remigiusz Cuper

Management Board President, Infra-Port Sp. z o.o.
Infra-Port company is satisfied with the implemented innovations. SKK Smart software together with the SAP Business One system is a perfect synergy effect
hat works out in practice.

Processes relating to machine and tool identification are carried out using SKK Smart application operating on Honeywell Dolphin portable terminals. The devices are characterised by high durability, are equipped with a barcode reader and a Wi-Fi radio communication unit.

The IT system used in Infra-port is SAP Business One. For the needs of the project Profi-Data prepared a special module which allows generate warehouse documents fast and support the stock-taking process both in the warehouse and in the field. Communication between the terminals and SAP Business One is ensured by SKK Web Transfer software. Data for the documents is downloaded using portable terminals, whereas the user selects documents to be created in SAP Business One.

SKK delivered SKK Smart and SKK Web-Transfer software as well as Honeywell Dolphin portable terminals, the Datamax label printer, and labels made of durable plastic material.

The system was implemented in the OH&S measures warehouse and tools warehouse. The supplied solution supports warehouse processes related to the receiving and issuing the machines and tools. The module also supports automation of the stock-taking process both in the warehouses and on the construction sites.
The system generates reports concerning the collection of water and OH&S measures per every employee, notifies about exceeding the minimum stock levels of those measures and about exceeding the time of tool rentals.

Now, it is clear which employee took the tool from the warehouse and when it should be returned. Infra-Port has complete control of the machines which are located in the field and of the tools and OH&S measures.

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