Logistics automation at Kampol-Fruit Sp. z o.o.

Implementation objectives:

  • Logistic process modernisation
  • Implementation of barcodes to identify products and warehouse handling
  • Ensuring compliance with the international standards with regard to distribution

Advantages of the implementation:

Faster receiving, labelling and issuing the goods
Less labor-intensive warehouse operation
Delivery chain control
Distinct human error reduction
Precise product identification
Decreasing operating expenses

Kampol-Fruit Sp. z o.o. belongs to the group of the most important Polish leaders in the fruit and vegetable processing sector. The company was founded in 1992. Its headquarters is situated in Biała Rawska and the manufacturing plant in Nasielsk near Grójec. Another plant, combined with a cutting-edge sorting plant, stampling plant and cold store was created in Milejów near Lublin. Kampol-Fruit specialises in manufacturing frozen products using local, seasonal fruit, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs, as well as fruit and vegetable concentrates and purées. At present, the annual manufacturing output is more than 80 thousand tonnes.

By way of dynamic development, Kampol-Fruit Sp. z o.o. opened a modern freezer room equipped with new generation sliding racks in Milejów . The next stage was to be implementation of a system streamlining all warehouse operations, including the goods labeling. Having analysed the solutions available on the market, the company decided to choose a comprehensive system of SKK SA, including:

  • SKK Smart, advanced software to register the movement of raw materials and goods,
  • Specialist printer for printing location labels designed for goods,
  • Portable terminals with barcode readers,
  • Wireless network ensuring data transmission by radio.

Sebastian Woźniak

Chief Accountant, Kampol-Fruit
We are very satisfied with the solution implemented by SKK. The process of receiving, labelling and issuing goods is now much faster. Thanks to the system, the work of the warehouse has improved. Reduction of errors when issuing and taking goods is very noticeable. The system works smoothly, does not freeze. The warehouse employees received the new solution positively.

SKK Smart quickly and accurately records all stages of commodity circulation. From the moment of raw material supplying by farmers, through its sorting, classification, entry and exit from the production line, to placing the finished product in the freezer room and issuing from the warehouse. The individual operations at the production, storage and distribution levels take place mediately barcodes – by scanning the code from the goods with the use of portable terminals. Previously, they were carried out using paper documentation, and the information contained therein was then entered manually into the IT system of the company.

The SKK Smart software is equipped with the Web Transfer data exchange module, which enables communication between the terminals and the internal information system of Kampol-Fruit – Symfonia. Thanks to that, the data scanned from the terminals is sent by radio to the Symphony program automatically. The reverse process is performed in a similar way. Each order commissioned from the level of the ERP system is displayed on terminals in the warehouse.

All goods at each of the stages are marked with specialised labels containing barcodes. Within the delivered solution, Kampol-Fruit can print location plates, indicating the place of storage in the warehouse, and logistics labels that identify individual products. The labels use the international GS1 standard. On this basis, it is possible to trace the entire supply chain from the moment the raw material enters the warehouse until it is purchased by the customer (the so-called traceability). This is of particular importance in the food industry and is regulated by relevant regulations. If it happened that one of the production batch was defective, thanks to the implementation, it is possible to reach it easy and quick, and the supplier is able to react just as quickly, e.g. by withdrawing the entire batch from the market.

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