GS1 standard at SuperDrob S.A.

Implementation objectives:

  • Product labelling standardisation according to GS1
  • Meeting market requirements relating to labelling

Advantages of the implementation:

Efficient and professional product labelling
Simple and intuitive to use labelling system
Legible and uniform labelling and goods identification for the entire supply chain

SuperDrob S.A. is a large and modern enterprise of the poultry and meat industry, whose main production plant is located in Karczew, near Warsaw. The second production plant is in Łódź. The basic company profile is the slaughter, cutting, and manufacture of raw meat products obtained from chicken and turkey carcasses as well as poultry, pork, and beef processing. The customers of SuperDrob are the largest retail chains in Poland, i.e. Carrefour, Auchan and Makro. The company also supplies food wholesalers, thanks to which its products can also be found in nearby local shops. The company has also been present on European markets for many years. Its products are mainly exported to Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania and Ukraine. The company received the Medal of the Polish Exporters Association with the title: Leader of Polish Export 2012.

Operating in the food sector, SuperDrob faced the need to introduce the product labelling standard so that the information on the origin, quantity, weight or best before date was legible for everyone in the entire delivery chain, from the manufacturer, through the carrier, distributor to the retailer, both in Poland and abroad. A solution was to implement product labelling with a logistic label conforming to GS1 standard. That standard enables to use unique identification numbers worldwide. Most often, these numbers are presented in the form of barcodes placed on a so-called logistics label. They are the carrier of information in the supply chain in which all participants communicate in a common language. In the commercial exchange conforming to GS1 system, it is important that every delivery chain participant has a standardised code containing standard data. At present, large retail chains require that the goods delivered to them are labelled in line with GS1.

Marek Rzepecki

IT Master, SuperDrob S.A.
SKK software has an intuitive user interface and is easy to operate. And this is why we decided to select that offer. We are very satisfied with the service quality and with the cooperation with SKK.

We are very pleased with the implementation. Everything ran smooth and trouble-free. The greatest benefits are meeting our customers’ requirements and streamling the product labelling. In the near future, we plan a similar implementation in our plant in Karczew

In Poland, many companies offer software and devices for printing such a label. After getting acquainted with many offers, SuperDrob chose the solution proposed by SKK, which at the beginning it was decided to implement in the plant in Łódź.

SKK Logistic Label GS1 software is a system of printing logistic labels not requiring the user to know the basics of GS1 system. Data exchange with the external system takes place automatically and supervises the assignment of SSCC numbers. The software has a three-year guarantee and technical support.

The labels can be printed using a laser printer or a specialised thermal transfer one. The label contains product information, including the number of cartons, use-by date, lot number, nett weight, and manufacturing date.

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