Fauitless identification at Alior Bank

Implementation objectives:

  • Improving the bank documentation workflow
  • Unequivocal identification and quick document reading

Advantages of the implementation:

Error-free registration of paper documents
Code reading from documents, even poorly printed or damaged ones
Effecient verification and archiving the data in bases of the bank
Cost minimisation of paper document handling

Banks, like other financial institutions, process immense amounts of documents every day. For banks, security of data and information entrusted by customers and their appropriate archiving are of particular importance. Alior Bank, taking care of the exceptional standard of services and the highest quality of customer service, uses innovative technological solutions in its branches. One of them is using the barcode readers supplied by the Krakow company SKK S.A., used to identify documents. Decision of Alior Bank regarding choose SKK to prepare this implementation resulted from the high assessment of the reliability and experience of the Krakow company.

Alior Bank specified its expectations precisely. The devices had to meet high standards, with functionality and appearance being the most important of them. The requirements were related to i.a. the following parameters: guarantee covering 36 months, repair (replacement) of a device within 48 hours after the service request is received in any location in Poland, possible automatic operation with no manual triggering, USB communication interface, compliance with CE standards and provision of readers for tests. After the market analysis and tests were carried out, the Honeywell 3800g reader was selected. The assessment included i.a. code reading efficiency, reading codes of poor quality, reading speed and distance.

The Honeywell 3800g reader is the best device in its class. Its major advantages include durability, ergonomics, and communication. What is more, the reader allow reading many different codes, including the damaged or poorly printed ones. It is reliable and guarantees error-fee reading. Moreover, the device is small and lightweight which ensures comfortable and efficient work. Additionally, the Honeywell 3800g reader (diode) has no moving components for reading built-in, opposite to laser readers, making it much more resistant to mechanical damage and shocks.

Mikołaj Białota

IT Specialist from the Hardware Platform Team at the Systems and Application Development Department, Alior Bank
Cooperation with SKK S.A. runs perfectly. There are no delays regarding deliveries to our branches throughout the country, even when there occur delivery orders with a very short lead time (48 hours). Cooperation with SKK S.A. runs perfectly. There are no delays regarding deliveries to our branches throughout the country, even when there occur delivery orders with a very short lead time (48 hours). Failure frequency of the equipment is extremely low. At present we have more than 1,500 Honeywell 3800g readers and we have recorded 7 failures so far. Each of the service requests was accepted, and the defect eliminated within 48 hours in the device installation location (the chain of more than 130 branches throughout Poland.

Within the cooperation SKK delivered to Alior Bank readers with extended warranty period (60 months) and maintenance services.

The greatest benefit for Alior Bank, thanks to the use of readers, is the possibility of quick and precise registration of paper documents. These documents are processed into an electronic version, identified by a barcode and made available in systems od the bank. Such an assumption enabled to confine the number of prints and copies, thereby bringing financial savings.

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