Efficient terminal management at Thule

Implementation objectives:

  • Improvement of work in warehouses
  • Centralisation of warehouse management in many locations

Benefits of the implementation: 

Control over warehouse operations in various locations
Optimisation of stock levels
Human resource saving thanks to the central management system
Time saving resulting from on-line work
More efficient information flow

Thule, the company originating from Sweden, is a global tycoon in the sector of car roof boxes, bike racks, tow hooks and other car accessories. At present, Thule Group employs ca. 3,100 workers in more than 50 locations worldwide, primarily in Sweden, Poland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Asia.

Managing so many warehouses situated in so many distant locations required implementing the control system of storage operation integrated with ERP. This task, in all European plants, was assigned to Janusz Dembowski, IT Leader from Thule plant in Huta Szklana. Following tests and consultations, the system based on portable terminals by Intermec CK3 and SOTI software was selected. The devices and software were supplied by SKK S.A. from Krakow.

SKK supplied several dozens terminals which, cooperating with WMS, improve operations in all European warehouses in the entire supply chain, enable to preview of stock levels online, transfers between warehouses, receivings or issuings from the warehouse.

Janusz Dembowski

responsible for hardware at Thule
We needed a modern system which would allow us to streamline warehouse operations. The devices and software supplied by SKK meet the expectations placed in them. The system proved itself and we are going to expand it with extra devices and new functionalities.

Thanks to the SOTI software, IT head Janusz Dembowski can manage several dozens terminals operating in Thule plants in Poland, Belgium, England, Sweden, and Italy, from Huta Szklana. Using the application, it is possible to do the following remotely:

  • check the operating status and location of devices operating all over Europe,
  • perform diagnostics of a given terminal, i.e. check configuration, battery status, memory usage,
  • update the software on the terminal,
  • turn off or reset the terminal,
  • take control of the terminal (on the basis of a remote desktop) showing the user how to perform a given warehouse operation.

The devices supplied by SKK are covered by a service policy which guarantees rapid repair, technical support and the guaranteed term extended to three years.

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