Efficient and precise labelling in Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory

Objectives of the implementation:

  • Increase in the efficiency of the production line
  • Integration of the labelling system with the whole of the production line

Benefits of the implementation:

Shortening changeover time
Reduction of downtimes in labelling process
Increasing precision of labels sticking
Easy service of labelling system
Low failure frequency of the system

Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory was established in Cracow in 1997. It specializes in the manufacture of cosmetic products meeting high functional and aesthetic requirements. The production of cosmetics is based on state-of-the-art technologies that are safe for both customers and the environment.
Present offer of the company includes over 450 cosmetics, mostly for body, face and hair care. Farmona’s cosmetics are available in large-area stores, cosmetic retail chains, drugstores and herbal shops all over the country. Moreover, the products are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide.

In 2007, the company started a new phase of its activity by opening Farmona Hotel Business & SPA in Cracow. In turn between 2009 and 2011, the company modernized and extended its production plant with a surface area of 2800 square metres. The devices and equipment in the plant make it one of the most modern in the cosmetics industry.
The effectiveness of undertaken activities by the company confirm numerous awards, distinctions and certificates.


Investment in modern automatic products labelling system in 2015 became another part of the continuous development of Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory. The objective of the implementation was to increase the efficiency one of the production lines.
After conducting a market research, the Company decided to choose the solution offered by SKK S.A. from Cracow. The main reason of that decision was that SKK offered a system optimally adjusted to needs and requirements of the enterprise.

The new products labelling system is built on the basis of a modern machine, Herma 362E. It was designed to be applied even in very difficult, demanding conditions while remaining an elegant and compact. It is characterized by a highly stable and durable base made of stainless steel, the same as the elements responsible for adjustment and stabilizing the products. It predisposes the labelling machine to difficult tasks and work with high speed. Furthermore it has a modular structure, i.e. has a possibility of expansion with new systems or devices (e.g. a vision system, printers).

Łukasz Imiołek

Project Manager, Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory
The largest benefit of the new products labelling system is the increase of our production capability. The system is user-friendly and really streamlines the labelling process. The investment has certainly been very profitable

The automatic labelling station has been installed in the production plant of Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory in Wysoka, near Jordanów. The labelling machine has been integrated with other parts of the production line and adjusted to the type of labels presently used by the company.
Shampoos and conditioners are manufactured on the production line in question. First, bottles (flat and cylindrical ones) are filled with proper liquid products, then they are closed, labelled, and at the final stage – inspected visually and packed. Among the above mentioned phases – bottles filling, their closing and labelling are automatic processes.
One label is placed around the perimeter of a cylindrical bottle, while in the case of flat ones, labels are placed simultaneously on both sides of the bottle. In the latter case, the bottle being labelled is pneumatically squeezed, which equalizes its deformation and causes that labels are stuck on evenly – they don’t wrinkle.
A number of benefits arise from the use of the Herma 362E system. It allows shorter starting batch at the production beginning, enables an use of larger area of the bottles on which we can stick the labels. Thanks to inductive sensors, a wider range of labels can be used. An operating panel equipped with a touch screen enables a quick format selection and defining the parameters of a new product. A lot of information is displayed on the panel, e.g. about production status or machine condition.

The labelling station is fully automatic. The exceptions are exchanges of supplies by the operator, machine set-up for other type of bottles and periodical maintenances of the machine.

Apart from the installation of the automatic labelling system, SKK carried out its configuration, production tests, analysed the correctness of the station functioning and conducted training for key users. The system has been covered by a 12-month warranty.

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