Effective and professional service at Accessories Centre Meble.pl

Objective of the implementation:

  • Automation of sale system
  • Improvement of customer service process

Benefits of the implementation:

Fast and efficient goods picking in the showroom
Up-to-date data concerning the warehouse stock
Increase of customer service quality
Elimination of errors relating to goods identification
Better warehouse stock management
Optimisation mail-order sale
Increase of company prestige and reliability

Observing market trends and e-commerce development, Czarnik Sp. z o.o. company which sells mostly OSBs and plywoods, in 2003 opened a furniture online store called meble.pl. This portal offers all sorts of interior furnishings for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, schools, and shops. You can find also interior design components, decorations, and lighting there. In turn, to cater for the needs of professionals making custom furniture, Meble.pl S.A. company opened a showroom where they can buy any components required to assemble furniture. Those are all sorts of hinges, grips, connectors, brakes, limiters, guides, couplers, handles and many other. The exhibition centre offers more than 4,500 different accessories which are often indistinguishable at first sight.

Taking care of its customers, the company uses a discount scheme which reward the volume an frequency of purchases. Every showroom customer can receive support of a qualified assistant when selecting components.

Until recently, product picking constist in writing down the necessary elements and their quantities on a sheet of paper. The customer assistant wasn’t sure if the given product were available in the relevant quantity right away and the order value was calculated at the very end.

Jerzy Miazga

E-commerce Director, Meble.pl S.A.
We implemented the system in order to accelerate and improve customer service quality. It support our sale process excellently.

Next, the warehouse worker was picking the order. Mistakes happened frequently as a result of mistaken rewriting or reading of indexes. If some components were missing, the customer found out about that only at the cash desk. The discount was also counted at the end of shopping. The whole process lasted quite a long time. Almost until the end, the customer wasn’t sure what they were going to leave the shop with and how much he were going to pay.

To eliminate those problems and, all the same, to facilitate the customer service process, it became necessary for Meble.pl S.A. to introduce a new solution. The company vision was an automatic system for product identifying, order documents generating, issuing from the warehouse and discount calculating. SKK S.A. from Krakow was selected to fulfil all those requirements and to implement that task.
The project was implemented using the SKK Smart system which was optimally configured and integrated with the ERP system of the enterprise. Apart from the software, SKK supplied portable terminals, mobile printers for consultants and a customer card printer.

Individual goods in the showroom were marked with a barcode. To save space required to describe the product and to ensure convenient readout, 2D barcodes were used. Doing shopping with the customer, the consultant scans product codes and in the on-line mode (through the radio network) obtains information to their mobile terminal if the required amount of the product is available in the warehouse. The system also provides the current purchase value, considering the customer’s individual discount, and reserves the goods for them at the same time. The stock is updated on an ongoing basis and considers the booking for every consecutive customer who wants to buy the same component. After the shopping is completed, the cash desk and warehousing documents are generated automatically which minimises the time of waiting for products. The warehouse worker has picking information in real time and may prepare the goods for the customer when they are doing shopping. When the customer pays at the cash desk, the picked products are already waiting for them. It is also possible to place mail orders.

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Solutions used in the project

Machines and tools under control at Infra-Port Sp. z o.o.

The system was implemented in the OH&S measures warehouse and tools warehouse. The supplied solution supports warehouse processes related to the receiving and issuing the machines and tools. The module also supports automation of the stock-taking process both in the warehouses and on the construction sites.
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Logistics automation at Kampol-Fruit Sp. z o.o.

SKK Smart quickly and accurately records all stages of commodity circulation. From the moment of raw material supplying by farmers, through its sorting, classification, entry and exit from the production line, to placing the finished product in the freezer room and issuing from the warehouse. The individual operations at the production, storage and distribution levels take place mediately barcodes – by scanning the code from the goods with the use of portable terminals.
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Record of goods “on the move” at Dailyfruits

For Dailyfruits, SKK designed a special recording system to control issuing and receiving goods in constant motion, i.e. the ones which leave the company and return to it on an ongoing basis. This is why they are particularly prone to be lost. The SKK solution has two components: a terminal to scan all come and going operations of crates and labels with a 2D barcode stuck on the returnable packagings.
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