Automation of cylinders deliveries process at Gaspol S.A.

Objectives of the implementation:

  • Accelerating and streamlining the supplies of gas cylinders
  • Increase in the productivity of field representatives

Benefits of the implementation:

Greater control of the entire distribution process
Better organization of traders work
The possibility of a rapid response to customers needs

Gaspol S.A. is a nationwide provider of energy solutions using the liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas, network gas as well as electricity and renewable energy, including both solar and geothermal. An important part of Gaspol’s offer are cylinders of liquefied petroleum gas, designed for both home and businesses. Currently, bottled gas is used by 4.7 million households in Poland. Cylinders with the liquefied petroleum gas are also widely used in many enterprises. For business Gaspol offers specialized industrial cylinders, containing pure propane and propane-butane.

Gaspol has an extensive distribution network covering the whole country. The priority for the company is to provide fast and timely supplies of products to each localization. Gaspol gas cylinders can be purchased anywhere in Poland, without a necessary of leaving home or office. Just place the order by telephone or e-mail and the product will be delivered directly to the customer by one of the field traders.

To speed up and improve maximally the process of gas cylinders supplies, Gaspol decided to implement mobile system of SKK S.A. The solution consists of:

  • software running on mobile terminals (mobile computers)
  • communications software installed on the server providing data exchange between the terminals and Gaspol’s information systems (Microsoft Dynamics AX)
  • mobile fiscal printers.

Marek Rudnik

Sales Manager of Cylinders Department, Gaspol
This is a very good solution supporting the work of sales department in many different areas. Thanks to the system we have greater control over stocks, gas supplies, execution of orders and the whole distribution process. Our vendors have updated information about prices and inventory levels of our clients. All information is instantly updated and complete data on the size and structure of the sale are available at any time on-line, what provides additional support for financial settlements. We are satisfied with the system, which not only supports our drivers in their daily work, but also helps us implement the project of fast gas cylinders deliveries for customers fromvarious, even the most distant corners of the country.

The system of gas cylinders deliveries at Gaspol is fully automated now. Orders from customers are entered into the program Axapta; converted into commissions and then automatically distributed among the drivers (salesmen) and sent to their mobile terminals. SKK mobile system allows receiving orders and full registration of sale at the level of terminals. Each mobile terminal is equipped with a barcode reader and module of mobile network. Data transmission takes place via the GSM network, what allows communicating from anywhere in Poland. Each vendor has a mobile terminal and a fiscal printer, by means of which he can prepare and print receipts, invoices and documents of issued goods.

The solution is combined with satellite navigation and uses Automapa. It helps the driver to choose the most optimal route to reach the client. All data documenting the execution of orders and sales in real-time stream down back from the terminals to the internal ERP Axapta system, which is used by Gaspol company.

SKK delivered the mobile terminals, printers and licenses of applications for 350 field representatives of Gaspol.

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