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The greatest value of SKK is the people creating it who realise the definited objectives collectively with high involvement, responsibility, mutual respect, and trust.

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Why is it worth working for SKK?

Working for SKK, you have an actual impact on the way the company operates and its development. Here, you will also develop your competences in a really casual and positive work atmosphere created by very diverse and fantastic people.

Great self-dependence

You can select the way you work yourself depending on the tasks and obligations entrusted to you to achieve the best results.

Sound doses of knowledge

Your competences will be constantly growing whether through training or through everyday cooperation with emploees from various departmennts.

Project challenges

Participating in frequently non-standard projects will allow you to develop and contribute your interesting ideas to them as well.

Interesting people

In our company, you will to meet many people with a positive attitude, diverse interests or hobbies which they will also share with you.

Friendly atmosphere

Regardless of someone’s position, you can count on a friendly treatment and help or some tips how to settle a given matter.

Casual dress code at work

We do not require and do not practice any definited type of dress code in the workplace. You can come to the office what you are the most comfortable wearing.

Our employees’ opinions


Bussiness Development Manager
Commercial Team of the Labelling Systems
I appreciate SKK for the work environment and atmosphere, development opportunities based on your predispositions, reliability, a supporting and motivating team and professional staff. This is a large company, but not a corporation, and people are an important part of it.


Software Development Team
I like SKK for its open atmosphere, people do not isolate themselves. There are very experienced people in different teams throughout the company, everyone is open and willing to help. There is a great emphasis on knowledge transmission thanks to which a person with smaller experience can learn a lot.


Service and Technical Support Team
My work entails frequent contacts with customers. I derive a great satisfaction from the fact that thanks to us our customers do not have to worry about their process continuity. I like my job. My tasks, challenges, and the atmosphere give me joy. Our team is very harmonious, and we always support one another.

Recruitment process

You send your CV

Have you found an interesting job offer and you want to apply? Submit us your current CV.

Telephone conversation

If your application is verified successfully, our recruitment specialist will contact you over the phone. During the conversation, she will ask you a few questions to complement the CV you submitted. The conversation will take 10–15 minutes.

The first meeting

The first meeting is attended by the recruiter and your future direct supervisor. The meeting aims at getting to know you better. You will also get more information concerning the company functioning or strictly the position you are applying for.

The second meeting

The last recruitment stage is the meeting with the HR Manager and the director of the department where you are going to work and, optionally, with the SKK CEO. Following the meeting, we will make a decision concerning your employment. If it is positive, we will welcome you on board soon.

We approach every recruitment process individually that is why they may differ a bit. We will be providing any essential information to you on an ongoing basis.

How to prepare for
the interview?


Get to know information about the company where you apply for the job. The easiest way is to browse its website and pic the most substantial information up.

Look through your CV again, recollect your participation in the most crucial projects or other important elements of your foregoing experience.

Have another look at the job advertisement and analyse which of your competences and strengths may be valuable and useful for the position which you are applying for.

Think how you would like to develop, what to learn and/or what objectives to achieve.

Prepare a justification of your job change willingness or generally applying for a given job in our company.

Think over your expectations with regard to remuneration.

Think what else you want to learn about your future employer, obligations, or work environment as you will have opportunity to ask at the end of the meeting.

If this makes you feel better and more confident, bring your printed CV which you will be able to place in front of you.

Do you want to talk about recruitment?

ul. Gromadzka 54a, 30-719 Cracow, Poland
+48 12 293 27 00

Our location

ul. Gromadzka 54A
30-719 Cracow, Poland

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