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About us

We are one of the market leader with regard to logistic and manufacturing process automation and optimisation. Since 1992, we have supported our customers in increasing the effectiveness and competitiveness of enterprises conducted by them. We provide solutions being a unique combination of many, including leading-edge, technologies with lifetime experience and high competences. We cooperate with a wide range of industries, e.g. automotive, pharmaceutical, construction, FMCG, transport, forwarding and logistics, metallurgical, electronic, cosmetic, financial and many other.
We are close to our customers’ matters thanks to which we help and advise more adequately, and ultimately we implement the most advantageous solutions for the specificity of specific enterprises.
This can be testified by even the recommendations of SKK S.A. as a reliable business partner and the fact of maintaining many years cooperation with us.

We support processes in your supply chain

Implementing the offered solutions, we improve functioning the enterprises at all stages of the broad delivery chain. The results of their implementation are among others increased capacity of executed processes, reduced costs and losses, radical reduction of errors, improved quality of manufactered products or quality of customer service, increased work safety and comfort. These positive results entail further benefits in the form of better image of the company, increase of it competitiveness and income level.

SKK S.A. team

We are a group of about one hundred diverse and interesting people. We pursue designated objectives collectively, with involvement, responsibility, mutual respect, and trust. At the same time, we create very casual and positive work atmosphere, conductive to its effectiveness and satisfaction derived from its executing.

Our employees’ opinions


Bussiness Development Manager
Commercial Team of the Labelling Systems
I appreciate SKK for the work environment and atmosphere, development opportunities based on your predispositions, reliability, a supporting and motivating team and professional staff. This is a large company, but not a corporation, and people are an important part of it.


Independent Accountant
Accounting Department
Working in the Accounting Department offers me the opportunity to look at the company from the perspective of its stability and safety. I take care that the company functions in accordance with the regulations and settles all its payments at due time. My work also requires continuous update of knowledge with regard to taxes.


Service and Technical Support Team
My work entails frequent contacts with customers. I derive a great satisfaction from the fact that thanks to us our customers do not have to worry about their process continuity. I like my job. My tasks, challenges, and the atmosphere give me joy. Our team is very harmonious, and we always support one another.

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