We streamline processes in the supply chain

Irrespective of the industry you represent, we will select an optimum solution for your business.

About SKK S.A.

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We provide solutions with regard to automation and optimisation of processes, among others in such areas as: warehouse logistics, production, labelling and identification of goods, mobile work, networks. The solutions we implement result in many tangible benefits for enterprises.

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Maintenance services

We provide maintenance services with regard to industrial automation and automatic identification equipment. We specialise in repairing devices by the largest global manufacturers, i.e.Herma, Mectec, Honeywell (including Intermec, Datamax), TSC, Zebra, Sato, Denso.
Within the service contracts, we provide:
  • Guarantee cover
  • Technical support 24/7
  • Equipment wear and tear control
  • Service inspections
  • Modernisation of devices
  • Disposal of waste equipment

Case studies

Fauitless identification at Alior Bank

The greatest benefit for Alior Bank, thanks to the use of readers, is the possibility of quick and precise registration of paper documents. These documents are processed into an electronic version, identified by a barcode and made available in systems od the bank. Such an assumption enabled to confine the number of prints and copies, thereby bringing financial savings.
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Efficient picking at Eurocash S.A.

Without slowing down an entrepreneurial development for a moment, Eurocash decided to increase the efficiency in one of its most key logistics processes, which is the picking of goods. This goal was to be achieved with a new system using voice technology.
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High-quality communication at Ceramika Paradyż sp. z o.o.

The implemented 802.11 ac wireless network standard provides very high transmission speeds, and its latest functionalities result in efficient and failure-free device operation. On the other hand, the spectrum analyser built into the access points causes their automatic response to changing environmental conditions. The modern network implemented in three plants ensures greater security and its better quality generally.
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Rafał Pucuła

IT Project Leader, Espersen Polska Sp. z o.o.
Experts from the SKK were not only heavily involved in project carrying out at each of its stages, but were also able to meet uncommon challenges related to the network implementation.

Jerzy Ross-Żółkiewicz

Project Manager, Saint-Gobain Isover Polska
Installation of labelling system is a decently made project and reliable support. Special words of appreciation are due to the implementation team for their innovative and flexible approach to the subject.

Stages of activities

Tell us about your cause

Call or write to us, presenting your needs or the challenges facing your company.

Analysis of needs and requirements

We specify any required information, and if a subject matter requires, we carry out an on-site verification at your company.

Selection of solutions and the offer

We adapt a solution meeting all guidelines and requirements, and present a detailed price and project offer.

Implementation and the after-sale service

We execute implementation of the accepted solution in accordance with the signed contract and provide support after it is completed.

How can we help you?

ul. Gromadzka 54a, 30-719 Cracow, Poland
+48 12 293 27 00

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